That Local Skincare Product I Will Always Repurchase

I love experimenting with new skincare products, but I am also a creature of habit. Once I find something that I like and works for me, I can guarantee you will find it in my empties basket countless times.

It is from Kayman!

A reliable local skincare brand that I trust, works like a charm, avoids any fragrances and alcohol in their products, and doesn't test on animals.

Anyway, this is not sponsored. I am not being paid or whatsoever. I just happen to have some definite favorites from Kayman that I know I would never stray too far away from. I have been using and repurchasing from Kayman for the past 2.5 years and that speaks volume! Trust me, I can easily track my shopping habit.

Kayman Beauty is available on their website and Shopee (the place I always get mine from).

The products I will be mentioning are brightening essence, serum, moisturizer, and a low-pH gel cleanser. These products are always on my vanity because they really work. These are not the be-all and end-all by any means but they maintain my easily-broken-out skin to be in its best state (especially the serum!!)

Another disclaimer for my Malaysian readers: I am coming from a good place. If any of these products did not suit your skin and you hate it, that's okay. Please note that everyone's skin is different. I personally never had an issue with Kayman skincare and I am trying to not offend anyone with my words. 

Low-pH Gel Cleanser: Kayman Coalberry Cleanser

At the beginning of trying this product, I wasn't really amazed because it's just a cleanser you can wash it off but I notice that when I am using another cleanser to switch things up, my skin starts to misbehave. I guess the low-pH tag matters the most for my skin type when it comes to cleansers. 

The texture is a lightweight gel and is formulated with activated charcoal, honey extract, and 10 different berry extracts. I would say a lot of skin types will enjoy this because it will cleanse thoroughly without leaving the skin feeling tight or dry.

I always have to have a perfect first step for my skincare routine because I want to get it right from the get-go. I live by the saying that goes: "your cleanser can make or break your skincare routine".

Brightening Essence: Kayman Rosa Glow Treatment Essence

As the name says, it's a treatment essence so this is not a regular hydrating toner/essence. It is perfect for gals like me that have plenty of post-acne hyperpigmentation because it contains 2% of Alpha Arbutin that excels any PIH work and brightens the overall complexion. 

It has a very watery consistency. Very minimal ingredients - no alcohol, no fragrance and is only focused on the ones our skin really needs and it works.

It almost pains me to always use this because it's the most expensive in the bunch but it really does the job. All of my darker scars fade in like two weeks and my complexion is better day by day but why you have to be RM89 a bottle?

That Local Skincare Product I Will Always Repurchase

Soothing Serum: Kayman Skintella Repairing Serum

I feel like I don't give her enough credit. I don't talk about it often on this blog. Actually, I don't talk about any of these products often at all. Lol! Sometimes I just like to keep things lowkey but anyway, this is my holy grail.

I use this daily and always have backups ready. I go through so many bottles of this little baby! It has helped tremendous amounts with my acne-prone skin and totally changed how it looks. I put my trust in this serum when I am having those unexpected acnes.

Texture: a thicker gel consistency but it absorbs immediately. It makes my skin glows and hydrated. I love the fact that Centella Asiatica extract is high up on the ingredients list because my skin loves that!

It calms my angry skin, repairs my moisture barrier, and improves my overall skin health. I think this is my standout favorite from Kayman. You can't go wrong with it. 

Moisturizer: Kayman Skintella Moisturizing Gel

My newest fav is their new baby: Skintella Moisturizing Gel, which I got to try before they officially released to the public. What an honor! I am one to use a gel moisturizer for night and day since I have oily skin so anything that says 'gel' on it, I am sold. 

The texture is so interesting! It's a lightweight cream to gel texture. It absorbs in a blink of an eye and it has a fresh, cooling sensation that I think two pumps of this moisturizer is not enough for me. I want more.

The formulation is just top-notch for a local brand. I mean, Ceramide, Beta Glucan, and Squalane in a bottle? Sign me up. I am still so impressed every time I am applying it to my skin. At this point, I have completely ditched my favorite Neutrogena moisturizer that has served me well. 

*Please take note that what works on my skin, may not work on yours and vice versa. My skin is oily and acne-prone and quite sensitive to products with alcohol and heavy rose fragrance. Some links used are affiliated - No commission is earned through clicking links and no additional cost for you if you buy products using my links.

Do you have a local product that you will always be repurchasing?