What Can You Buy Under RM50 on Shopee?

Hello, gorgeousness! It's been a while since our last Shopee finds blog post. When I tell you this kind of post is such a big hit on the blog, I am not kidding. Thank you so much for loving this series and I will keep doing it. 

I think even if you weren't into online shopping before, chances are that 2020 and 2021 turned you into one. At least in Malaysia, we're still in a lockdown due to the rising positive COVID-19 cases and god knows how long it's going to last this time. Thanks to Shopee, for keeping some of us sane during these tough times.

So I have rounded up some of the hidden gems and great steals that Shopee has to offer. From your daily necessities to electronics and D.I.Y-ing, and none of these are over RM50! 

Closet Organizer

SUPERWAY | shopee.com

Messy underwear drawer? It's not a problem anymore with this simple closet organizer. It's a game-changer! Everything is in its place. Tell me how is that not satisfying?

Pet Hair/ Lint Remover

FASHIONAPPLE | shopee.com

You know those lint rollers where you need to peel the skin off before using? This is three times better. It's eco-friendly, cost-saving, it's tiny and does the job better. If you have pets at home, this is your necessity right here. 

Marble Design Dotted Journal

EWSTORE.MY | shopee.com

I am obsessed with marble designs, still after all these years and if you are, as well, this is perfect for you. It's so beautiful and aesthetic! It's definitely Pinterest-worthy.

Floral Design Dotted Journal


Not a fan of marble designs? This floral journal is cute too! I almost bought this one just for fun but I am on a low-buy so I don't want to buy something for the sake of just having it. But if this one floats your boat, go for it!

Portable Warming Coaster

WOWKI | shopee.com

Isn't this the cutest thing ever?! I have set my eyes on warming coasters lately and this one caught my eye. It's not just a warming coaster but it comes with aromatherapy. That's quite an invention.

Nordic Style Wooden Hanging Shelf

GOODSTUFF.MY | shopee.com

What a way to decorate those lonely walls. I know I have plenty of those walls in my house. And if you're a plant mom or dad, and you don't have any more room on your counters, these will let you hang your plants!

Derma Angel Ultra Thin Acne Patch

GUARDIAN.OS | shopee.com

I know nothing beats the CosRX acne patch but okay, to each their own. This is my lifesaver and I am about to change your life. It's a regular acne patch that absorbs all the nastiness out of a pimple but it's super-duper thin. It's 0.01cm! Completely undetectable under makeup. Godsent! *chef's kiss*

Aesthetic Coffee Table Book

VALOOBUY | shopee.com

These are fake books, they're not real, they're meant to just be a decoration. They're made of cardboard I believe. The real books are pretty expensive to buy. Books, in general, are expensive y'know. So I have been meaning to get these just so I can use them as props for my blog pictures!

Digital Kitchen Measuring Cup and Food Scale


I have always wanted something like this so I will never misread a measurement again. It's a measuring cup and a food scale. All in one. *Added to cart*

Charging Stand Dock Station

XIJING | shopee.com

I just love the idea of charging stands because I basically love when everything has its own place. It's so pleasing to the eyes. This is perfect to put on your nightstand. So practical!

Massage Gun

HAORAN | shopee.com

Back pain? Shoulder pain? Arm pain? Get this. Treat someone to this massage gun. I have seen Weylie and Wah on YouTube used this in one of their vlogs before and I kinda want one. It's portable, wireless and great for on the go. 

Bluetooth Keyboard With Touchpad

NIXXO | shopee.com

One word, adorable. Functionality always comes first but the overall aesthetic deserves a plus point. If you have an iPad or a tablet, this is so handy-dandy. There's just something about touch-screen keyboards that makes me feel uncomfortable. 

Vintage Style Maxi Dress

ZANZEA | shopee.com

I am having some kind of a wardrobe upgrade if you will, and I am all about these maxi dresses now. My s/o loves it when I wear maxi dresses and I can see why. Modest but still stylish. And this is the place I always get mine from!

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Do you own any of the things I've mentioned? Let me know what else you would add to the list xx