It's time for another 5 smaller daily things that made me happy and grateful.
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Five Things In August 2021

Oh, I LOVED August so much! August is surreal and will never not be bizarre. It was every bit as magical and wonderful as I'd hoped it would be. I survived another busy month but it's something that I'd be perfectly happy to live over and over again. It was yet another productive month for me. I spent a lot of time brainstorming, planning and researching for my small business that we will get into in a sec.

But first here are five things that made me happy in August:

1. My little baby got vaccinated

We adopted my little baby not long ago, probably over a year and I decided it's time to get him vaccinated and neutered. In order for him to get neutered, he must be vaccinated first to prevent any complications. 

So he just got his first shot last week and I am so proud of him. He's a tough boy. He was a little worn out after the procedure, he was sleeping all damn day and caught a very mild fever but nothing like his wet food can't fix. Other than that, he's just in great condition. I can't wait for his next shot!

As a cat owner, I know I have been pretty irresponsible for not getting him vaccinated earlier especially him being an outdoor adventurer, but vaccines are costly. I finally think now is a great phase for me in terms of finances and time so I am not going to second guess it no more. 

I will take extremely good care of him and hang in there for my next update!

2. Sisters & Brushes 2.0

Yes, if you haven't been known, we've elevated our small business and went 180. I feel like our previous plan wasn't getting the momentum and traction that I wanted. I knew deep inside I just wasn't ready for that one so I let it went down to the drain.

It's no use watering a plant that was already DEAD dead or so I thought.

Sometimes, you have to start all over differently and that's totally okay. Brands and customers alike, do evolve. I am not a fan of change and stuff. I am afraid of it. I feel like there's always something bad would happen if I change. But you know what? Change is good. Change is healthy. And you need that at some point in your life. 

Five Things In August 2021 - Sisters & Brushes
Five Things In August 2021 - Sisters & Brushes
So here we are, Sisters & Brushes 2.0 — soaring and flourishing. 

Long story short, we're just on the right track right now. It feels different, surreal and fitting. This is where we belong and it feels right. Just when we thought things were getting better, everything has skyrocketed. I am so so sooo grateful!

3. Little acts of kindness

A few weeks ago, a content creator named Athisha Khan on Instagram shared our little business on her Instagram story (disclaimer: we didn't pay her, it was her pure act of kindness) and I kid you not, we're getting so much attention left and right and it was frantic! LOL. 

Anyway, that has led us to have more than 500 followers now on Instagram and frequently have orders kick in up until today. That made me and my little sister so freaking happy and grateful. Athisha being the sweetest person alive and has shown me that even a little act of kindness means the world to someone. 

I have always believed that it costs $0.00 to be kind yet it can be so rewarding!

4. August's bullet journal flip through

And you guys, I can't not include my bullet journal because it makes me happy and it definitely sparked joy!

Five Things In August 2021 - Bullet journal flip through
Five Things In August 2021 - Bullet journal flip through
Notes: My cover pages. I am obsessed with quotes and stuff so I made a bunch of them and one of them is this. I tried a horizontal layout for my calendar and it turned out good. Very good.

Five Things In August 2021 - Bullet journal flip through
Five Things In August 2021 - Bullet journal flip through
Notes: I did pretty well in my skincare routine and my workout. I was a beast. I basically picked out most of Blogilates's workouts and I went for a run almost every day in August. Let's hope I can maintain that for the next few months. Oh and, I kind of redeemed myself in terms of my expenses for August. I took it down a notch as promised and I guess I did pretty okay. 

Five Things In August 2021 - Bullet journal flip through
Five Things In August 2021 - Bullet journal flip through
Notes: I think this is by far my favourite theme. Ever. It matches my current vibe and it screams "beautiful" to me. A 100% would swipe right! 

5. COSRX Hydrium Green Tea Aqua Soothing Gel Cream

I think I have found another pinnacle of gel moisturizer for oily skin. This is one of the best gel moisturizers I have tried in a long time. It feels super nice on my oily skin and it features a wonderful list of super good ingredients for your skin. I was shook when I first used it. If you have oily skin, this is a moisturizer that you're gonna want to try!

Anyway, please let me know if you want to read the full meal deal because I can totally do that. It's one of my best purchases in August. Worth every penny!

It's all the simple pleasures in life. What are some little things that made you happy in August?