Lusts Lately #2

Woah, let's bring back a series that was left untouched since 2018. Let's be honest, I am the worst at keeping series on this blog. I've never gone consistent with it but I am trying. I have brought back my Five Things posts that are just a hit, every single month now. Thank you so much, you awesome people!

If you're not familiar with how Lusts Lately works, it's pretty much self-explanatory. I will talk about a list of random things that I've been eyeing and lusting after that are just oh-so-beautiful but I might not need but let's just talk about it anyway. So here are some things that have been on my radar.

#1 | Archer & Olive A5 Sagittarius Dot Grid Notebook

Nothing makes me want a dotted journal from Archer & Olive so bad other than the fact that it's a fully female-owned company, they have the best customer service, they would go above and beyond to produce high-quality products and it's environmentally conscious too. I just had to stan.

Also, this is super pretty and close to my heart. I am a Sagittarius baby and I am proud of it. I would consider this as an investment if I were to get it one day since Archer & Olive is not at the cheapest price point when it comes to journals and notebooks but the quality is definitely worth it.

#2 | Slip Silk Pillowcase in Caramel

I have seen lots of influencers on IG with their Slip so I want one. To be clear, I just want the best for me in terms of self-care and lifestyle in my mid-20. I don't know why having a Slip is one of the important things right now, I just do.

#3 | These floral bedsheets

These floral bedsheets from Shopee at first glance almost look luxurious but they're priced reasonably. Not quite affordable but they're not expensive either. I am obsessed with floral beddings nowadays. I currently have quite a number of pieces that I adore so much and have been meaning to expand my collection but that would be unnecessary. 

#4 | Metal hair clips

I am a scrunchie kinda gal but these metal hair clips are actually so freaking cute?! I browse through Pinterest almost every day and I found lots of Korean gals have these metal hair clips on their hair and I kinda want one. Or two.

#5 | Huda Beauty Wild Obsessions Mini Eyeshadow Palette in Chameleon

Huda Beauty has been that brand that I will always question, be it her foundation or powder, I was always questioning the products. But recently I watched Tati Westbrook's review on the mini palettes and they're so stunning, pigmented and kind of playing with my mind.

I don't see myself in bright blue, purple colour but the palette is just nice to lust after! I mean, most of the shades are pretty wearable, particularly in the Chameleon palette so I might just wear those and call it a day.

#6 | Notebook Therapy Limited Edition Tea Party Collection Tsuki Boba Journal

This can't be on the list because I already bought it and as we're saying, it's on the way to my house. Let's just talk about it for a second anyway because I have been ooh-and-aah-ing their journals since forever!

Not to sound like a broken record but I got it. I finally got my hands on this and can't seem to stop talking about it. Notebook Therapy journals are pretty much cute stuff and this limited edition collection, in particular, has been on my radar for a hot minute. I believe they're sold out now but they will restock so don't worry. Once it's here, we will unbox them together, how 'bout that? :)

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What are the things that have been on your radar lately? Do you own any of these?



  1. Love the floral bedsheet! I'm waiting for mine to arrive soon. ^^


    1. Floral bedsheets be giving you all the feels~ I love it!

  2. I love this series! Boleh cuci mata sekali hihi.

    ain |

    1. Thank you Ain! We might not need it, but let's cuci mata together! :D

  3. I love silk pillowcases! Those metal hair clips are super cute! xx

    Danielle's Beauty Blog 

    1. I'm itching to get one for myself, it's so lux haha! Agree, metal hair clips are really adorable ^^

  4. Lovely inspiration! I really liked this post, thanks for sharing it xx

  5. I can attest to the fact that the Slip Silk pillowcases are totally worth the hype...... even if my last one did turn up empty! x


  6. I'm always torn between floral bedsheet and simple white hotel-like bedsheet but in the end I find myself liking floral pattern more! They are just more fun to look at hehe x

    1. If that's not the truth, I don't know what is. I like the aesthetic of hotel-like bedsheet but just like you I find floral bedsheets prettier and fun to look at xx