Five Things in May 2022

Here goes my monthly Five Things post. Take a peek at the previous Five Things post here!

Five Things in May 2022

Phew, I think it's safe to say that the more distracted I get with my freelance work, side hustle bits and other adventures on the side, the worse I am about being present here and even reading and replying to comments. Wow. Don't mind me — I am just trying to justify the lack of content in my blog lately. It's been pretty heavy on the side hustle front, and much less so on almost everything else. Y'know what, it is what it is. I am just incredibly lucky to live a joyfully busy life at the moment.

And I wouldn't have it any other way. So here's to another Five Things moment in May that wasn't necessarily monumental but enough to bring a sweet smile to my face on a day-to-day and live a contented life.

Eid 2022

Another moment I will always cherish. It's always been wonderful, a little chaotic this time around though but definitely amusing. We visited our relatives from my mother's side of the family — whom we hadn't visited in 2 years (thanks, COVID) — down to us bringing along our cat for the first time to physically meet the families. 

It felt good and heartwarming to be surrounded by them. It feels like our family is finally complete again. Work has occupied a big chunk of my mind and time so the 6-day Eid holiday was also very much needed. 

It was perfect for me to unwind and escape from my responsibilities for a while before I was hit with reality. I stayed home most of the time and enjoyed each other's company and enjoyed the holiday, honestly!

May after-the-pen bullet journal flip through

You already know what's up! It wouldn't be a Five Things post without my after-the-pen flip-through. Anyway, my May bullet journal theme is inspired by, of course, the talented @leelajournals on Instagram ^^ go check her out!

may bullet journal cover and quote page

may bullet journal overview calendar

may bullet journal habit and mood tracker

may bullet journal expenses and currently spread

may bullet journal content planner

may bullet journal gratitude list

may bullet journal weeklies 1

may bullet journal weeklies 2

may bullet journal weeklies 3

Babysitting my first niece!

OH MY GOD. I can't believe I just said that. My niece. I am her aunt. She's my first niece. I am an aunt now OH MY GOSH!

My niece Yara was born and I was so excited. I probably was not in the right position to cater any motherly feelings for her however I knew she was the happiness and blessing in my sister's life. You shall always be our treasure, my little niece. We love you so much and we always stand by you. Welcome to the world and thank you for changing our lives <3 please pick up lots of my traits haha!

A couple of little updates on Sisters & Brushes

The most exciting thing from last month was definitely the ever-so-many shop updates! And we've definitely launched our first clay pop socket collection too. There are 10 adorable creations we've come up with, alongside updated packaging and shipping. 

sisters & brushes clay pop sockets

sisters & brushes clay pop sockets 2

That aside, we have updated more ready stocks as well on the shop for those who are more of a ready-stock kinda person. I am so incredibly proud of the launch, in particular, and having to provide everything in time. Just know that am ever so grateful for your endless support. You can explore everything that's new in the shop right now!

A refreshing treat... bingsu!

It's extremely scorching hot in Sabah and barely any rain. It's almost concerning because everyone was drenched in sweat. No amount of a/c can top this heat. With that being said, I was so thankful to have the opportunity to soothe my throat with a refreshing hot sunny day treat: bingsu, a shaved ice dessert with freshly cut fruits, flavoured syrup, and ice cream. Finally, something that will cool me down! What's your favourite hot sunny day treat?

bingsu shaved ice dessert

bingsu shaved ice dessert 2

How was your May, my loves? What are some of your little joys?


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