The Sunday Currently #15

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The Sunday Currently #15

Hello, gorgeousness. Happy Sunday! A week went by just like that and here I am with another Sunday Currently. How are you guys doing? I am all comfortable in my bed and I just had my honey lemon drink and it was so good. I think I want a refill but first, here's Sunday Currently #15.

Blog posts. No, but seriously. That's the plan for the day. My blog was sadly neglected recently and I can't wait to put a stop to that.

Midnights full album by Taylor Swift, of course. You should have seen that coming. 

How fortunate I have been lately <3

My hair. Well, it's actually my shampoo and conditioner. Oh, and my hair cream too!

Ahhh wishing for a lot these days but one thing is for sure I wish I wasn't in a long-distance relationship and my s/o was here so we could watch a bunch of feel-good films together as well as be babied by him.

To adjust my body clock. Everyone else's nighttime is my daytime and vice versa. It's so messed up I KNOWWW >.<

All black. Just because. The top is kindly sponsored by my s/o's closet and paired with my super duper comfortable $4 black palazzo pants. Only skincare on my face, Vaseline Lip Therapy lip balm on my lips and a little bit of lash serum from Etude House on my pretty lashes!

The fact that I nailed my pre-test for my driver's license and secured a spot for the REAL test very, very soon. I can't wait for that day but I am also super nervous! Honourable mention: Anti-Hero by Taylor Swift <3

To be in Santorini. 

Some time. More time. Why does the world seem to keep spinning faster and faster each day? I would like a pause button, please!

Just alright. Managed to tick off a few stuff from October's to-do list today so I am feeling just fine~

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Till next Sunday! Have a great weekend, my loves <3


  1. I'd love to be in Santorini too (although it's probably a lot cooler than my usual Greek holidays at the moment!). Best of luck in your driving test x

  2. I totally relate to the long distance part.. especially when it's more cozy this season, i just want to be babied and snuggle with him haha :')
    Midnights (and The Car) have been keeping me company this month, both albums are great!

    1. IKR!! Ugh, long distance sucks >< thank goodness we have Midnights to distract us hehe xx