The Tiny Treasures

It has been basking in glorious sunshine lately, and honestly, I almost lost my cool. As a self-proclaimed 'autumn/ winter/ rainy days/ overcast weather' kind of girl, I have to admit, I've been craving some cozy moments for weeks now. The rain will come pouring down, it will return, and giving me the chance to enjoy some comforting activities on cozy days, especially after a few hectic weeks and wearing many hats. ~ m a n i f e s t i n g ~

Amidst the humdrum of daily life, lies an abundance of charm waiting to be noticed. Those unassuming pleasures that make life truly beautiful. Here's a collection of those tender, heartfelt joys, and petite wonders that have graced my days recently.

The Tiny Treasures

The Tiny Treasures

Savoring beverages from delightful, chic cups with elegant glass straws.

Showing love for small businesses!

✿ Mom's spaghetti bolognese. YUM.

The Barbie movie! My sister and I had a blast watching it on the big screen. And let me tell you, America Ferrera's speech was definitely a highlight! This film is a must-see, leaving you with a teary smile on your face and a warm feeling in your heart.

Weekends with my niece, brimming with laughter and Ms. Rachel.

A nurturing, warm, and supportive community over at Sisters & Brushes.

Cleared spam folder. **unrelated but has anyone else noticed the excessive amount of marketing emails and partnership proposals from Temu recently? Just me?

The charming little notions my significant other and I concoct during our late-night talks.

Timeless tunes that transport you to cherished memories with every note.

Game-changing skincare products with proven efficacy. I've been using the Dermistry+ serum enriched with retinol, niacinamide, and vitamin C for more than three weeks now, and I'm absolutely hooked! I'm usually the girl who gets nervous about adding retinol in my skincare regimen, but this one is pleasantly mild and ideal for those starting out.

✿ An on-the-road date with my significant other, taking us to a breathtaking waterfall oasis nestled in the heart of the woods.

✿ The perfect blend of milk tea boba. Ideally, from Gong Cha.

✿ Speak Now (Taylor's Version) <3

A deeply personal and emotional journaling session under the stars.

✿ Finalizing a write-up that truly makes me proud. This may be a significant reason behind the blog's recent silence since I'm devoting all my finest efforts and creative energy into my day job. In case you're keen on working with a spirited writer like myself, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Dressing up and creating beautiful makeup looks.

Indulging in some uninterrupted 'me' time, with my baby cat and no worries in sight.

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What tiny treasures have been bringing you joy lately?

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