24 Things to Declutter Before 2024

24 Things to Declutter Before 2024

As we gear up for the New Year, there is this vibe in the air – it’s like a clean slate, a fresh start. And what better way to kickstart 2024 than by decluttering our lives? Now, before you roll your eyes and think, “Not another decluttering post,” hold up! This ain’t some old-school spring cleaning checklist. This is the real deal. I mean, who needs the baggage from yesteryears anyway? Let’s Marie Kondo this thing and make space for all the good stuff coming our way!


  1. Unused kitchen gadgets: That avocado slicer seemed cool when I bought it. Used it twice. Time to clear some kitchen space.
  2. Scratched sunglasses: Because looking through those scratches is not a vibe.
  3. Old magazines: Remember when people used to read physical magazines? Yeah, me neither.
  4. Broken chargers and cables: I have a drawer full of these. Do they multiply when I’m not looking? Who knows? Let’s toss ‘em.
  5. Apps you never use: “Why is my phone so cluttered?” Yeah, pretty much.
  6. Ancient toiletries: That half-empty bottle of shampoo from three summers ago? Buh-bye.
  7. Unused workout equipment: That ab roller seemed like a good idea at the time. Spoiler: It wasn’t.
  8. Outdated tech accessories: RIP to that phone case for a model I haven’t had in years.
  9. Expired medications: Safety first! Check those expiration dates and toss anything that’s past its prime.
  10. Clothes that don’t spark joy: Marie Kondo vibes, anyone? If it doesn’t make you do a happy dance, maybe it’s time to let it go.
  11. Dusty candles: Candles are great, but not if they’re collecting dust. Light em up or let ‘em go.
  12. Old perfumes: Perfume has a shelf life, and so does that bottle from high school.
  13. Broken jewelry: DIY repair project that never happened.
  14. Pens that don’t work: Why am I keeping these again?
  15. Outdated beauty products: That neon eyeshadow seemed like a good idea once, right?
  16. Old receipts: I found a receipt from 2019! Why do I even have this? Bye-bye, old pieces of paper.
  17. Expired condiments: Check that fridge. I bet there’s a jar of mystery sauce from 2018 hiding back there.
  18. Worn-out shoes: If they’re falling apart, it’s time to let them rest in peace.
  19. Old birthday cards: Birthday cards from three years ago? Yeah, they gotta go.
  20. Stained Tupperware without lids (or vice versa): They’re useless alone.
  21. Unused craft supplies: That Pinterest-inspired project was a great idea until it wasn’t.
  22. Dusty books: If you’re not going to read it again, let it live its best life on someone else’s shelf.
  23. Worn-out underwear: You know the ones I’m talking about. Time for an upgrade!
  24. Negative energy: Okay, this one’s a bit abstract, but let’s leave the negativity behind. Happy and sparkly vibes only in 2024!

What are you decluttering first? Bookmark this post for later!


  1. I also created a list of items that I need to get rid of before the end of 2023. I began with my closet and I was able to gather one box full of clothes to donate. Then I went through the storage room and the kitchen. I was surprised to find so many things tucked away in different places! #ProjectDeclutter is definitely a great way to start the new year!

    Btw I love your blog 🫶 added you to my list! ;)

    1. Hiiii Winter <3 thanks a bunch for the love and adding me to your list – totally made my day! :') and wow the #ProjectDeclutter sounds amazing! It's *wild* how much stuff can hide in corners!!

  2. I love nothing more than a declutter!

    Danielle | thereluctantblogger.co.uk