The Sunday Currently #20

It’s been a hot minute since I last updated you all, and boy, have I missed this space!

The Sunday Currently #20

Life’s been a bit of a whirlwind lately, and I’m finally catching my breath after my Eid break. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the chaos of family reunions? It’s always a blast when everyone gathers together, but my legs are still recovering from all the running around and chasing after the little ones.

Honestly, as soon as I got home, I was ready to give my bed the biggest hug and just sink into the sheets. And that’s exactly what I did! Sandman had no trouble striking me down—sleep has been my best friend these past few nights.

Now that I’ve had a little downtime to recover, I’m ready to share what I’ve been up to. Between eating all the delicious food, catching up with family, and navigating a busy schedule, it’s been a week full of laughs and fun moments. Even though I feel a twinge of guilt for not updating the blog sooner, I’m giving myself a break because I know how important it is to prioritize rest and self-care.


Unpacking luggage can be a pain, with everything scattered all over the bedroom floor for days. Instead of tidying up, I’m putting it off by writing this blog post no biggie. I really need to get my priorities in order one of these days. *flips hair*

TTPD OF COURSE! But also, I’m really into Sabrina Carpenter's new song Espresso! It’s a catchy tune that I can't stop listening to. It's such a BOP you guys!! The song has a great summer feel and a vintage Hollywood vibe. 

About how blessed I was to be able to spend Eid with my whole family. My sister from KL joined us for Eid last week, and it was so nice to have that family time together. Saying goodbye to her at the airport was tough—I really hate goodbyes.

For a lot of things...
  1. Just a tad bit more time together as a family and that my sister didn’t have to leave so soon.
  2. Someone would come and unpack for me, putting everything away neatly and folding things just the way I like them.
  3. To let go of negative thoughts and just move on. I don’t want my life to be weighed down by things I can’t control.

To write all these blog posts for the next few weeks, but there’s just so much to do and not enough time! As always, right?

An oversized tee and sweatpants with my Pandora wishbone ring and gold four-leaf clover bracelet. I have Rom&nd Juicy Lasting Tint in Bare Fig on my lips and my favorite sunscreen on. Plus, I’ve got a pair of fluffy house slippers!

Like Coach Wild Rose.

Ooh, a lot of things! Let me make it quick:
  1. Me in lavender/ lilac (in terms of the color and how it matches with my medium skin tone.)
  3. My skin now. Huge thanks to skin gritting.
  4. Glossy lip tints
  5. Dekori’s chicken patty egg sandwich. YUM!?

Some peace of mind. My thoughts are all over the place right now, if I’m being really honest.

TTPD TV, what else?

I’m thinking of taking a nap, but I also want to go to the salon to get my hair redone. Let’s hope they have an available slot for me! 

Really happy and blessed, though a bit tired, but overall content!

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Till next Sunday! Have a lovely weekend, loves ❤︎


  1. Wow you sound like you have been busy, and yes good to get rid of negative thoughts can be challenging these days but good to do.

    Allie of

    1. Yeah, it's been a bit hectic, but trying to keep those negative vibes at bay. Gotta focus on the good stuff! xx

  2. You have definitely been busy! It's horrible when you feel your mind needs a declutter, I hope you have a great week x

    Lucy Mary

    1. Here's to hoping for a smooth week ahead for both of us! Take care x

  3. Sounds like you've been busy! I hope things calm down a bit so you can relax and focus more.

    I love lavender-colored everything! I probably have too many things in that color. haha ♥

    1. Thanks! Lavender is such a soothing color, can't blame you for wanting everything in it! xx

  4. Have been loving Tay's new album as well <3