I was enjoying my mom's nasi lemak last night, and I suddenly thought of all the things that I never have done as a blogger. I am not one of the successful blogger out there. I am a terrible blogger. I admit. I commit all of these blogging sins though. Let's jump right in.

I don't own white bedsheet/ white background/ marble background
White bedsheet, everything white and rose gold and marble, seem like the ultimate blogger trend now. I feel so guilty for not having one! I feel like I am not in the blogging community y'know. If you did see my background is a marble, that's probably the floor in my house.

I don't give a shit about SEO/ Google Analytics 
I judge my blog's success based on how much I enjoy writing it and how much people enjoy reading it. Lots of people seem to be overly concerned about their domain authority and stuff like that, which I do not mind at all I mean, it is your blog you can do whatever you want with it. Honestly, I could not care less. Google Analytics is one of the most complicated things in the world, and I do not deal with complicated things. 

I don't own any bullet journals
If you do not aware of the bullet journals, you can google it. I do not use bullet journal for my blog. I know bullet journal has the ability to customize and organize your to-do list, your next blog posts or sketchbook or literally anything. Here in Malaysia, they are just so expensive. It is not ideal for a notebook. Since I am a cheapskate, then I will have just a regular notebook, pretty colored pens and lots of washi tapes to customize everything and it gets the job done too so I am okay. But, I do not mind if you want to give me a free bullet journal though lol.

I thought I can run it alone
When it comes to blogging, you cannot just go it alone. Trust me, you cannot. You need friends, support and advice. Lots of them. And I do not do that, I do not work with other bloggers, I do not collaborate. I know successful bloggers do not go it all alone, and I guess I am not of them yet.

I have unstable blogging niche
I know I posted a lot of things beauty and I have a huge love for it, but sometimes I get exhausted from posting about beauty stuff. Trust me, it is tiring and burdensome to have a stable blogging niche. But I am trying! That's why I do not claim myself a beauty blogger or whatever because sometimes I do not stick to one specific genre. Or probably because I do not buy makeup all day errday. 

I don't own any tools or blogging equipment
I absolutely do not have any blogging equipment, I mean a basic camera? Nah. Photoshop? Nah. Studio lighting? Nah. I use my very own phone's camera and natural lighting. The phone I am currently using is Samsung Galaxy S4, and that is the only blogging equipment I have. I really want to invest in a good camera but I just cannot bring myself to get started. *sigh*

I don't have my own domain name
I think I made it clear that I am a cheapskate. I hate spending my money towards something intangible actually. So, I just stick to lennezulkiflly.blogspot.com then. Maybe if money wasn't my #1 problem, gurlll I will do just about anything, ANYTHING, for my blog. 

So, that concludes my blogging sins. Now, let's hear from all of you out there. Do you commit any blogging sins too? Shoot! Till then x