What's In My Bag | Lenne Zulkiflly

I haven't done a What's In My Bag post for a while, the last time I did this was back in October 2015 and I thought it was about time I do another one. In today's post, the bag I'm going to show you is like my 'going-out-bag' y'know what I mean? I have tons of bags and I like to switch it every once in a while but this is the bag that I recently use whenever I go out because it suits with every outfits. And it is also my baby. If you don't already know I love to read/ watch other people's What's In My Bag post/ videos. It is fun and y'know the fun little things we carry with us all freaking time. I love it!

So, this is the bag that I'm currently using (all the time) when I go out. This is the Melody Backpack that I got from Cotton On, back then it was quite expensive for a small bag like this. I mean, it is almost 80 ringgit but the fact that it has an amazing quality, I'm all okay. It seems small but it is actually quite spacious for me. I'm trying to not carry a larger bag when I go out because I tend to bring unnecessary stuff with me and it will be heavy as hell and I might lose my arm and that's not cute. Anyway, I like the shape of this bag, the simplicity and it doesn't slouch.

First things first, the bigger compartment. What I have inside is my purse, my makeup kit, my medicine (for my allergy) and my apartment keys. By the way, it is such a pain in the ass to stuff my makeup kit inside this 'giant' baby because let's be real, I carry quite a lot of makeup there. Sometimes, if I don't want to deal with the fuss I just bring the essentials like an eye drop, my MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick, and a compact powder. That's it.

Moving on to the front/ smaller compartment. I have my Miracle Essence perfume, blotting paper (of course), my boarding pass lol, my IC/ ID card and coins. The reason why I didn't place my IC inside my purse just because to make things easier for immigration purposes. Oh, I place my phone in this pocket as well. A perfect fit for my phone!

That's that. I honestly love this kind of posts, I told you once now I told you twice. Anyway, here's the link to my previous What's In My Bag if you haven't read about it. If you have done this, please do leave me a link below!

What do you typically carry in your bag?