Saturday, July 21, 2018

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick

Before I get started, I just wanted to tell you that I don't really wear liquid lipstick anymore because my lips are very prone to dryness no matter how many tons of lip balms I wear. But when I came across this Maybelline liquid lipstick, I remember looking into the mirror and said "Oh wow, my lipstick is still there! And my lips aren't that chapped!" - and that was after I had tons of ketupat, rendang, kuih raya and coke. Sounds impressive right, but is it too good to be true or really lives up to its claim? Scroll down to find out!

Product claims:

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink is non-drying matte liquid lipstick that lasts up to 16 hours and is waterproof, smudge-proof and transfer-proof. It also promises an intense pigmentation yet affordable. Apart from that, it has a unique applicator that ensure precise application.

Let's talk about the packaging! 

I love it. I am a sucker for beautiful packaging. First impression matters, right? The tube is rectangular with chrome fonts and a rough texture for better grip experience. Me likey! The wand has an "arrow" with a hole at the center type of wand instead of a normal doe foot applicator. To me it's nice, it picks up more product but I don't see it's offering a precise application, I don't enjoy it as much.

My experience wearing the Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick:

I got one of the lightest shade in the collection called Loyalist. The reason why I bought this particular shade was because it's easier for me to create my own lip combo with this kind of shade. This liquid lipstick do have a strong yummy scent, it almost smells like vanilla cake frosting. That's the first thing I noticed upon swatching it but I wouldn't mind honestly.

The finish is matte, hence the name. Despite it being a matte formula, it does apply smoothly on the lips. Just a little heads up, it feels a little bit sticky at first, it took a while to dry down completely matte and it's a hassle to take it off. I like the fact that it does not feel too too drying on the lips compared to other liquid lipstick I tried.

I also like the fact that the color is so pigmented and you get the true color in one single swipe! It's extremely waterproof, that's why it's a hassle to remove. The only way the liquid lipstick is going to come off you lips is with a good makeup remover or cleansing oil.


Intense pigmentation 
Great staying power
Not too drying
Great value for money
Easily accessible 
Pleasant scent
Sturdy packaging 


Feels tacky and sticky at first 
I don't like the applicator


The Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick is definitely worth the money. It's one of the best liquid lipstick I have ever tried. I really recommend it especially for those who are looking for something that is super long lasting and not worrying about touching up.

You can get this at most drugstores nationwide for around RM30+. Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy xx

Have you tried this liquid lipstick? What's your favorite liquid lipstick at the moment?

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Five Things In June 2018

Hi everyone! I didn't get any posts up recently because I have been busy but alhamdulillah I am not as busy anymore as of now. I have a few posts floating in my mind, waiting to be translated into words but I was not feeling them so I will do my five things post instead!

- Eid Fitri

How can I not include this? Almost 3 years of staying in a place I could not call 'home', alhamdulillah I managed to go home every single Eid Fitri. There's a heap of delicious cooking, sharing it with family, along with spending time with loved ones. I am the happiest kid! To make my Eid a little more 'interesting', I ruined my only-drink-plain-water-diet (mentioned in this post) with a glass of coke early in the Eid morning and ripped my own raya outfit. Definitely shredded the skirt. :)

- Pack my bags

For what? Internship. Yeah, I am going back to semenanjung for my internship. I did mention it on the previous five things post. I cannot believe it's actually happening. It feels like I just got home yesterday and now I have to be away again. I just want to be at home because home is where the heart is. *sigh

- Shot injection in the bum! For the first time!

I was taken to the hospital and got injected earlier this month because my allergy was getting out of control. It rarely happens though. Thank god it happened when my mom was around and able to take me to see the doctor. It has been a while since I got an injection and this time, they gave me in my butt. I am lost for words. I have come to believe, I got it there so that I would not have to feel the sore for as long as a normal arm shot? Correct me if I am wrong hehe.

- Hooked on notebooks

Cute and chic notebooks, to be exact. I realized I have so many untouched notebooks and I keep on buying more. I bought 2 notebooks earlier in May and I bought another 3 this month. Mr. D.I.Y has the cutest notebooks! What Typo? Who would have thought buying notebooks could be so therapeutic. Any ideas on how to put my untouched notebooks to a good use?

- Capsule By Container: Capsule Transit KLIA2

I got the chance to sleep at some of the coolest hotel in town! It's an airport hotel btw. Here's the thing, I usually don't mind sleeping in the airport but airport sometimes can be rather noisy. I need my proper rest y'know. So I decided to give this airport hotel a whirl.

Capsule By Container Hotel is located at Level 1 Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA2). I booked the hotel for 9 hours (RM84) and that's more than enough, considering what you will be getting. The container is really nice and cozy, the location is close to a convenience store, amenities provided and for the most part, mirror, fold desk and your very own electrical socket is also provided!

I am so happy! The container really exceeds my expectations. It was my first time staying in an airport hotel and it was a great experience.

This is my June. How about yours?
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