My Sephora Package Has Arrived!

Hello gorgeousness! So, my package from Sephora has arrived few days ago and I'm sorry if it took THIS long for me to unbox it with you guys. I …
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A Drugstore Beauty and Skincare Haul

Hello there ladies (and gents)! Today is all about another haul of bits and pieces that I have picked up mainly from my local Watsons and Guardian (…
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What I'd Do When I Couldn't Sleep

Working at 8.30 in the morning doesn't do justice to my sleep pattern. Actually, there were days when I was extremely tired and I slept before t…
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Dealing With My Skin When It Acts Up

When your skin has been a good patch for a quite some time, and it starts to acting up what do you do? Yes, you panic. That's what I'm deali…
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The day I gave my blog a revamp!

I'm still freaking out. 
I mean.. I have gone 360 degrees with my blog theme. I mean.. how? This is by far the most expensive thing I have done …
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Beauty Product Empties #2

I rarely finish products but I have accumulated another pile of empties, surprisingly. I literally use the same product every time so there's no…
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How I Perfect My Base | Foundation Routine for Oily Skin

If you are an oily skin gal like me, and you have to have foundation that lasts all day (which is almost impossible), this post is your lifesaver! H…
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