I would say I am not a drama person. Korean drama, to be exact. I don't watch drama for a living. It's not my life. I think they were crap, not worth my time. Until one day, some addictive thing in them that kept me watching. And yeah, of course, I got a little addicted to it. So, here, I come up with an idea to list down the good quality, worth the time, amazing k-drama. Let's!

1. I Hear Your Voice

One word - amazing. This is one of the best k-dramas I have ever watched in my life. In each and every single episode, I got to know the characters little by little and not to forget the judiciary thing. It was lit! I love all the casts. Lee Bo Young, she was very awesome and nailed her character as a sassy public defender. Lee Jong Suk, (my oppa, lol) a boy who can read other people's mind, in this drama. They were so so so good. You have to watch it if you haven't already. Definitely, a must watch! 

2. The Master's Sun 

This drama has a very special place in my heart. I can't help but smiling all the way while watching this drama! So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin were so cute and hilarious. They were so cute, it hurts. It was definitely an awesome drama and it has a little supernatural activity going on in it but nothing too extreme. You will love it. Trust me. I have watched this for thousand times and never get bored.

3. Rooftop Prince

This was the first k-drama I have watched, and it was a historical, time-travel kind of drama, and I thought it would disappoint me. But, I was all wrong. I completely loved it. It was full of humor here and there. The storyline and all the plot twists, it takes my breath away. It made me cry and I found that it's so hard for me to move on from this drama. Go watch it now, guys.

4. The Inheritors

I had a really good time watching this drama. This drama was a big hit and if you didn't know about it or haven't watched this drama, where have you been?? Lol, just kidding. Of course, there are little flaws here and there, the plot wasn't that satisfying, but overall, I recommend this to anyone because it's an awesome drama. How can you not adore Kim Woo Bin, though??

5. Lie To Me

This was the drama that my sister forced me to watch. I would say it was a little boring at first, but no worries, it started to get interesting after episode 3. It was a good drama with a good ending. Both, Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye gave their very best performance, and they were so cute! All in all, it's worth watching. Thumbs up!

6. My Love From The Star 

The most hilarious k-drama! Superb! I laughed my ass out at every single episode. Well acted, well written. Daebak. I am speechless. You have to see it yourself and you'll know. Thank you for making this drama. How can you resist a very good looking alien liddat, and at the same time, a professor?? 

7. My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho 

I am not a huge fan of a fairy tale, fantasy kind of stories, but this really did catch my whole attention. I loved the mystery throughout this drama, which added a very nice conflict to the plot. I really enjoyed it. Shin Min Ah, she was so perfect as a nine-tailed fox and how can you not go crazy over Lee Seung Gi's adorable dimples?

8. 49 Days 

I wasn't really into this drama until I watched a few episodes. The story was very unique and far from reality. Nam Gyu Ri, she was so cute and doll-like and she was one of the reasons why I watched this lol. Great story, unpredictable plot, and there were so many scenes in the drama that made me cry a river. You gotta watch this drama right away, guys. It's worth watching!

And that's it. I am pretty sure there are shit loads of worth watching k-drama out there but these are my top top top favorite, meaning to say, I watched it over and over. All in all, I hope you enjoyed reading and feel free to suggest any other k-drama that you think I might like. ('cause you know I love reading comments from you hehe) 

Till then. x