Simplysiti Ultra Moist Lipstick | Lenne Zulkiflly

Today's beauty product review is one of my newest favorite lipstick that is the Simplysiti Ultra Moist Lipstick in the shade Ku Mahu. It retails for RM25. You can get it at Watsons and Guardian. I bought it about two weeks ago, I made a blog post about it here. A little story of the past, I was so hyped when I finally got my hands on the lipstick. I thought it was matte but it turns out wasn't. It was a bummer lol. But I love the color so I'm all good.

If you guys know me, then you must know how huge my love towards lip products. I don't step out of the house without putting anything on my lips. I mostly love matte shades but y'know matte can be super drying on the lips. 

Simplysiti Ultra Moist Lipstick | Lenne Zulkiflly


A+ for the packaging. I am a sucker for sleek packaging like this. I mean, look at that. It's not just attractive but it's sturdy. You don't have to worry anymore gurl, you can throw this in your bag and it will slip and slide in there with ease.

Simplysiti Ultra Moist Lipstick | Lenne Zulkiflly

The shade

The shade Ku Mahu is a very wearable nude with a little hint of pink. The subtlety makes it appropriate for any occasion. I think it can suit most complexion very well. 


The pigmentation is surprisingly great. The color you see on the bullet is the color you will be getting once you apply it on the lips. It manages to cover my tad bit dark upper lip with 2-3 coats. You can build the color as well for more intensity. 


The texture is very creamy. It glides on really easy, it feels like butter but it does settle into the fine lines which I found weird because it's an ultra-moisturizing lipstick. Talking about moisturize, it really moisturizes the lips, hands down. Thus it's perfect for those who have dry lips.

Wear time

It lasts about a solid 5 hours on my lips without eating anything. You cannot expect much because it is not a matte formula. It will completely gone after a meal, that one you have to bear in mind. So, this is the kind of lipstick that you need to reapply.

  1. Wide range of color selection
  2. Creamy texture
  3. Moisturizes the lips very well
  4. Buildable color
  5. Has a nice subtle mint scent
  6. Lightweight formula
  7. Attractive and sturdy packaging
  8. Decently pigmented
  9. Slightly affordable

  1. Settle into fine lines
  2. Weak staying power 
  3. Slightly sticky
  4. Does transfer 


Despite all of the issues I encounter with this lipstick, it comes in handy whenever I fail to decide what lip color I want to wear that day. I have been wearing it non-stop since I bought it. If I had the chance to buy more shades, (because all the shades are to die for!) I would definitely buy some more. 

Have you tried this lipstick? What are your thoughts about it?