Hi everyone! I am in the mood to tell you a story of my past.

Years back, when I was around 13-14 years old, I had one random thought that maybe I should start a blog. Mainly because I spent so much time on the internet. I have read pieces after pieces of content and thinking maybe I could try to do the same thing - which happens to be writing/ creating content. 

Well, whaddya know, I got myself a blog! I know it happened so fast and I remember all that falling snow effects, rainbow links, and overly cute and pink blogs and Blogskin?? OH MY GOD, it was the shit back then.

Anyway, I think this is something worth mentioning. I know I said I started blogging mainly because I spent a gazillion portion of my time on the internet, right? Well, another half of it was me seeing a friend of mine posted boatloads of blog posts about her boyfriend. I honestly thought that was the 'shit' back then and there goes the thinking- "maybe I should do the same thing?"

And I started to do the same thing. I know. Homegirl is easily intrigued and influenced, so yeah. I started off pretty 'meh' and I mostly blogged about a day in my life, *cough* my not-so-exciting love life *cough* and that was basically it. The blog is like my virtual journal/ diary if you will. I have always loved writing back then during my school days guys, I write just about anything in my diary. And my diary has a quirky name. Haha! Good old days.

Fast forward to this day, I guess now I blog so that I could just simply write, share and exchange thoughts. And if I did retire from blogging one day, it's been my dream to tell my own kids that their mommy was a blogger. Apart from that, I love knowing awesome people in this world full of awesomeness. This is the space where I learned new things, where I made mistakes, where I knew a lot of cool bloggers etc.

What does blogging mean to me now?

Blogging has always been a hobby of mine. I know some people may think my hobby is an expensive hobby lol which it is. I sometimes buy makeup products so that I can form a review for you guys. But I never really mind if it really is one expensive hobby, I just want to write and share my thoughts. And I know deep inside it's not my time to shine yet. I don't trust myself to take blogging as a career just yet. But it would be great though to blog for a living.

After everything is said and done, can I just say that I am truly happy with my blog now? I have a blogging niche, I can reach up to 10k page views per month (though it does not much compare to other bloggers), I have known a bunch of lovely people that I never knew existed and the list can go on and on. I guess that's a wrap. I hope you enjoyed it. I want to write more often in the future and just be consistent despite my hectic college life because it is not just a blog :)

What is your blogging story? How did it all start?