five things in november

Hi everyone. How are you? Is everybody enjoying their November? I know I kind of do because it's my favorite month. By the way, I'm starting this series (saw it on Bash Harry's blog first so I believe she's the original creator of it) where I will wrap everything up that happened to me in that particular month. So here are my five things in November!

Being 20...

I just turned 20 on the 23rd of November. Whatever it is, I'm not feeling it. It wasn't a big deal apart from the "two or three more years before I get married" lol. Anyway, I had a blast but there wasn't a cake but who says pizza can't be your cake? Pizza is definitely the new freaking cake!

Dean's list was the best birthday gift ever!

As I thought I couldn't make it, oh girl I'm so wrong. All thanks to The Almighty. This was definitely the best birthday gift I have ever received. Besides, I really want to 'give back' to my parents because they have done so many things for me. I know there's no way I can repay them but hopefully, this will beat that.

Always up for a karaoke

If you don't already know, I will never say no to karaoke. So over the weekend, our family went to visit my uncle because he wasn't feeling well. There was just something about his health condition but he will be okay eventually. Apart from that, me and my sisters had a legit 5 hours karaoke session in my uncle's house. He has all the equipment you need when it comes to karaoke because he loves to karaoke as well! My first picks gotta be from Westlife, BSB, M2M, basically 90's to 00's hits. What are your first picks?

Zero makeup bought

Yup, it was a huge achievement. Don't argue with me. It was so hard to hold yourself back and not to pick any makeup items in most stores you went to. Let's just say, I love the idea of being at home, with all the foods and excellent wifi connection. Yes 👍 But I had a little 'escape' which I already mentioned in my previous post.

Shah Alam, all over again...

I wasn't prepared at all. Mentally and physically. I have come to the point where I hate Shah Alam. I want to be home. I don't want to be where I am now. Blergh, this won't make me homed anyway. I just started my new semester and all I can say is that this semester is not going to be 'my semester' y'know what I mean? I have a strong feeling. Ugh, just pray for your homegirl.
I hope everyone had a blast November 💖