My Take On Liquid Lipstick

My fellow sisters, if you don't know about liquid lipstick, where have you been? IT'S E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E NOW. Every company, every brand has come out with their own version of liquid lipstick. You know the ones that don't budge, have a great formula, lasts the whole day, and have many intriguing colors to choose from. It's fun! And I love fun. With that being said, there are a few things I usually do when it comes to wearing liquid lipstick. I am no expert but these are all based on my past experiences and lots of reading. After all, my love for lip products is really huge, and here's my take on liquid lipsticks.

A little goes a long way

By little goes a long way I mean, you don't need much (really) because liquid lipstick is very pigmented - one or two-stroke is enough. I usually will clean off the wand first on the inside of the tube before I put it on. Just because that way, I will have more control and it goes smoothly on my lips and not flaking! Besides, I will save more products and I can use it for quite a longer time than I thought. 

I take my time applying it

You can't simply put it on in 5 seconds. When applying liquid lipsticks, you absolutely need patience. A lot of it. Here's what I usually do, I will take my smaller mirror, take a deep breath and apply it slowly and smoothly. Just take your time! No need to rush the job, you will end up with a globby finish and most likely streaky and get it all over the teeth. Now that's not cute.

Lip balm is my best friend 

Some liquid lipstick formula can be so drying, you just have to accept the fact that they are not created equally. Some are hydrating,  some are not. Some protrude the fine lines on my lips, some are not. Regardless,  I love each one of them for their uniqueness. So lip balm has always got my back! I just run some lip balm on top of the liquid lipstick if my lips are feeling super dry and tight. My favorite lip balm is this one!

You can't wear it alone

Why I said so? In my opinion, liquid lipstick doesn't look good with a naked face. Y'know what I mean? You have to pair it with at least a simple eye makeup look. That's what I usually do. It really balances out the whole look with the matte statement on my lips. 

Exfoliate is the key

When it comes to liquid lipstick application, smooth, luscious, and flake-free lips are what you need. You sure don't want to apply a liquid lipstick on top of very dry and chapped lips, no? Now, just grab whatever lip scrub or lip exfoliator you have and gently scrub your lips, let's say at least 15 minutes before applying liquid lipstick. My favorite affordable lip scrub has got to be this one.

What's your favorite tips when it comes to applying liquid lipstick?