30 minutes... Maybe not that bad to some of you, you can still rock that ankle boots, wing that eyeliner etc. But not for your homegirl. It is a disaster. I need at least an hour and a half. I love to take my time. I hate the idea of rushing, hurrying - just no. It can be stressful as heck and tiring in the early hours of my day! So in today's post, I will be sharing what I usually do when I only have stressful 30 minutes to get ready and how I still show up looking well-fed.

for when i have 30 minutes to get ready

5 minutes shower or less 

The key here is to multitasking. You gotta do what you gotta do honey. I usually will brush my teeth and pee at the same time. Now, I have tons of shower gel in my bathroom I do not even know why. My go-to shower cream is the Lux Magical Spell because the smell is to die for, plus it lasts the whole day!

Choose the simplest and fuss-free outfit

By simple and fuss-free I mean I cut the fuss to iron my outfit. Ain't nobody got time for that. A dress, jumpsuit or basically one-piece outfit will do the job. That's that. While I am in the shower, I will hang my outfit as well as my anti-wrinkle hijab and no one will know I got up a half hour ago. #NoShame

"Go for the simple and easy but gives impact makeup look"

I go by this mantra when I am in a hurry. It is better for me to keep it simple or else I will be running late. Even though I only have 30 minutes to get ready, I honestly feel naked if I do not at least have a little lipstick and perhaps perky eyelashes. So my logic is that I cut off products that are less important such as primer, foundation and eyeliner.

My first picks when I am running late are the CC Cream, loose compact powder, blusher, mascara, and MAC's Velvet Teddy.

Simple. Easy. But high impact? Girl, you gotta play with the mascara. That is the impact. It really changes the whole look! Don't trust me? Go give your eyelashes some coats of mascara now. My secret is to apply several coats of mascara. By several I mean profusely. One thing that concerns me is that the mascara I am using is flippin' hard to remove! Other than that, I love it. It holds the curl, does not budge and smudge. 

Eat on the go

Oh, homegirl gotta have something to munch on or else she gets grumpy lol. I make it crucial to have something to eat because I know I am going to have a long day, everyday. My favs are totally oatmeal cookies or an apple!

There we have it! Just a few things I do to help me get ready in a rush and still look and feel great. Regardless, there is a small element of planning shall involved - it's better to think ahead the night before to make sure you have picked the right outfit and not forgetting important things like keys and phone.

What do you do when you only have 30 minutes to get ready? Is 30 minutes really enough?