1. My first ever blog URL was linalovehugsandkisses.blogspot.com and I know it sounds cringey and sounds so wrong but was back then when I was 14 so.

2. I have literally tons of friends here and I do consider them as genuine friends but I haven't met any of them yet! 

3. In my 7 years of blogging on and off, I still suck at coding. All the HTML and ones and zeros whatever. It pisses me off and no matter how many times I learned about it, I tend to forget it. Shout out to premade responsive templates on Etsy for making my life so much easier.

4. I have never thought of running a kinda-sorta beauty blog because I didn't have a massive collection of beauty products, to begin with, but I guess it's all about passion and the number of products will grow from time to time. Never let the flaws stop you from doing what you love :)

5. I have disabled my comment section once because I thought it wasn't cute until someone asked me where is the comment button. 

6. Writing feeds my soul, I guess. I have always loved writing since I was small. When someone reads what I write and gives feedback to me, it's like giving my soul some extra nourishment. You know what I mean, jellybean?

7. My blog used to be an online diary where I'd write about the stupidest things about the girl I hate the most. #DoNotDoThisAtHome It's good to throw bits and pieces of your personal life on the blog but it's never good to express negativity, publicly, and embarrassing yourself.

8. I really can't blog if someone watches me or stares at the screen as I'm typing because I can feel a little bit uneasy and 'disturbed'. I need all that space and time.

9. I jot down ideas for my blog posts on my good old notebook. It's just my thing because when I jot down things, I tend to remember them rather than keeping them in my phone. 

10. I have never won any blog giveaways before. Yup. You read that right. Never won any. Maybe because the rules seemed silly to me or they're not up to my standard or maybe because I joined like 2 giveaways throughout the year lol. Giveaways or contests are not really my thing I guess.

11. I always get nervous before starting up a new blog post and I always have to go to pee first. I know it sounds weird.

12. I don't really have a blogging space. I blog wherever I want; at the library, at the cafe, all over the place. 

13. I visit my blog every day because because. Don't need a reason to; I just love visiting my blog although there's not much to find or to see. I bet some of you have done this too, am I right?

14. I enjoy doing reviews and hauls on my blog because it's fun to do and fun to read and I get to know other people's different views as well. More review and haul posts coming your way because, to be honest, I bought quite a lot of beauty products and skincare products! 

15. My photography skill is so crappy and so 2010. I suck at taking photos because 1) I don't have the skills and 2) I don't have all the equipment. All of my images were taken by my phone camera and that's the only equipment I have. Oh and if you see a white background here on my blog, that's probably a piece of drawing block or A4 paper. The marble background? Oh, that's the floor. 

Now, what are some of your blogging facts?