Howdy guys! Wow, where has April gone? This month has totally flown by so fast and May is almost here. Not to mention that Muslims will be fasting soon and are you guys excited? I know I do. Anyway, let's not ramble on too much, and here's my Five Things In April. I hope you enjoy it!

Dwiputra Residence, Putrajaya

So, my aunt and uncle bought a new house and it's SO freaking amazing and beautiful. I'm crazy fangirling over this house or condo, if you will. All the renovation has been done and I believe it all started last year so it's pretty much done now.

It's a house full of mirrors, I tell you! Haha. My aunt and uncle are still searching and buying new stuffs for their new home and I'm in charged to help them to choose what's best for the purpose of decorations and along the lines of arranging things in the new house.

However, we have been shuttled regularly from the current home to the new home just because a lot of things going on and they can't really 'move-in' just yet so yeah. It's tiring but whatever, I love the house. What do you guys think of the new house?

Babysitting 4 kiddos

I'm currently on my two months semester break and I really don't know what to do for two months straight, so my aunt came up with a great idea to have me babysit her kids. I totally don't have a problem with that as my meals and accommodation are fully provided by my aunt and uncle. Haha! I'd be happy to help them. But the fact that I don't like kids that much just worries me at the beginning, now I guess I'm definitely their new best friend and I love them! Not to mention that my aunt is pretty busy with her cake business, so I thought I could lend a helping hand with the kids and housework. 

Going almost makeup-free!

I haven't been super getting ready or putting heavy makeup on my face for a good one month now because I intentionally avoid it so just my skin will look more flawless and healthy-looking. And guess what? It worked! I'm so happy to see my skin is definitely look healthier now and my skin can 'breathe' happily. Did I mention, I ditched all my previous skincare products? Yup, I ditched them. I ditched them for good. And now I have been trying new skincare products and I guess that's just like the icing on the cake.

Started to workout, again.

I have been slipping up with my workout, I bet we've all been there. However, this time I'm starting to realize something; I want a healthier and fit body but I eat everything in the fridge, gurl! That didn't click with what I want for my body, that's for sure. So I have to get going, I mean hit the gym or something? But I'm too lazy to hit the gym so what I do is I started off with 'flashbacking' on what I used to do when I was super taking care of my body and I used to follow all Joanna Soh's workout on Youtube! Yes, that's what I used to do and I'm doing it again at this point of time. It works. That's it. I'd say I have been committed to all the exercise for a good 3 weeks straight now and I'm so proud and happy with myself for not procrastinate. Another achievement for this month, yay! *patting myself at the back*

I probably shop too much

That's that. I probably spent a little too much this month because basically I have nothing to do and I just wanted to shop till I drop. So, I did. And I kind of regret it now but on the bright side, I can do a haul post here on my blog! I just love haul posts and I bet you guys love it too. The fact that Ramadan is just around the corner and Eid is about to gear up soon, I'll be spending more. Yup. I'll be spending more on my Raya outfit and whatnot. Yes, I'm very prepared for everything in my life including finding the right outfit for that big event a month earlier. Haha! I don't like everything last-minute, I just had to quickly put it out there.

That's that. I'm enjoying my April, how about you?