I'm pretty sure I'm the only beauty blogger who has never written a blog post about her skincare routine. Actually, I take that back. I did once but it was a very long time ago when nobody was reading my blog. But that's that. I'm going to share my simple skincare routine in a bit. 

Before anything, I have to throw a quick disclaimer. Let me just say that I'm not an expert when it comes to skincare and I'm not claiming to be one. I'm simply sharing my experience and I didn't experience any break out with any of these products. Also, I believe that in order to achieve healthy skin, I don't have to have a big bunch of products to use daily or 10 steps routine to follow. That's just my opinion. Either way, I feel that this post will be a knowledgeable read.

(Update - Jan 10th, 2019: I don't use most of the products in this post anymore and I'd never know it would be such a big hit. I'll definitely do an updated routine, hopefully soon! Thanks for reading, btw. You guys are awesome!)

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My Drugstore Skincare Routine | Oily Skin

1. Remove makeup/ dirt

I strongly believe that makeup remover should be included in everyone's skincare routine because even if you are not wearing makeup, you have to clean the dirt that sits on top of your skin. This is my very first step and I do it with the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. Oh. Boy. It's definitely worth the hype and I don't even know how many times I have repurchased this. It works wonders, it removes all of my makeup very well and it's affordable. What else can I say? I highly recommend it.

2. Cleanse

I cleanse twice a day; in the morning and right before I go to bed. The cleanser I'm currently using is the Pure Beauty White and Bright Cleansing Foam. You can get it at Watsons only if I'm not mistaken. Now, I have a very uneven skin tone and all I can say is that it totally evens out my skin tone and I'm so happy that I give this cleanser a try! I noticed that this cleanser does not contain a lot of bubbles too, which is actually good.

3. Tone

After I cleanse, toner is a must for me. I use a toner twice a day as well. It's an absolute must because it drives the pH of the skin back to normal, which is so important. Apparently, the pH of tap water can be pretty bad for the skin so you have to have a toner. Regardless, when I use a toner, I use the Oxy Oil Control Toner. It works well on me. I noticed the sebum on my face has decreased and my face feels squeaky clean and quite lifted.

My Drugstore Skincare Routine | Oily Skin 

4. Moisturize

Yes, people with oily skin types need to moisturize and can't skip this step. I use aloe vera gel as my moisturizer. Yup, no surprise. I love my aloe gel. If you wish to know more about what aloe gel can be used for, I made a blog post where I talked about how I use my aloe gel HERE. It has been a staple for me.

Since having an oily skin (not by choice), I really have to go for moisturizers that are oil-free and gel-based formula. And aloe gel is the answer! It really hydrates and rejuvenates my skin. I like to use a thick layer before I go to bed and when I woke up in the morning, my skin feels so soft, smooth and healthy. It's a wonderful moisturizer for my skin, my skin loves it very much and I know lots of people don't like it and it's okay. You do you, boo. 

That's pretty much my daily skincare routine. It's so simple. However, sometimes, I like to be a little extra just because I love to pamper my skin. Or basically, because I just like to give more to the skin. So here's what I do:

5. Exfoliate

To really deep clean and remove any dead skin on the face, I use a facial scrub from Organic Aid. Seriously, this scrub makes my face more supple and baby's butt smooth. I exfoliate twice a week and if you love your skin then you should know not to exfoliate every single day. 

For extra hydration

I love sheet masks. I love them very much. I feel extra fancy when I put them on. Haha! Does anyone feel the way I feel? Okay, I like to use sheet masks once or twice a week to give my skin some extra hydration. I love the ones from Watsons brand and Mediheal.

My Drugstore Skincare Routine | Oily Skin

To absorb excess oil

Whenever my T-zone or just basically the whole face gets oilier than usual, I know my Freeman Mint and Lemon Clay Mask will always do me good and always have my back. It works wonders on my skin, though I have read quite a number of bad reviews. But that's about that. Other than that, oil absorbent paper/ blotting paper is also a must for me and I'm using the one from Clean & Clear

There you go, my skincare routine. Actually, quite a number of people have been asking for my skincare routine and all I can say is that I don't have a fancy skincare routine like everybody else. Mine is so simple, yet you guys still want to know. Thank you so much! I hope this post is useful for you, any other way.

Now, what's your skincare routine like?