I have developed a routine that I go by every single time I blog. It didn't change, it is what it is since the beginning and I still stick to it at this point. So, in today's post, I thought I'd share my blogging routine with you guys. It's really simple, nothing fancy or complicated, but hopefully it may come in handy to someone out there? Perhaps. Here it goes. 


Yes, it all starts with a plan. I always have to plan things before I do them. I would say I'm pretty organized and I like it better when everything is planned. So, before hitting letters on the keyboard and having my thoughts and words written to the blog, I first sit down with my blogging notebook and jot down the things I'm going to write about. Yes, I jot down things and I know it's very old-fashioned but it works for me because I tend to forget major things I want to mention in a post. 


After I jot down all the details and points, I will then start to write the post. I like to do the writing first and the photography comes next because I just work that way since the beginning. Writing a post can take forever for me because I will read and re-read the post to make sure no spelling errors or basically just any errors before I hit the 'Publish' button.

I want to be 100% happy with the content and the quality is approved by me. After I'm satisfied with the result, I will save it as a draft then I can work on the photography (if the post requires my own photo). Just a little FYI, a big cup of tea is very much needed during this session because it's always take the longest. You feel me? 


I take all of my blog photos using my phone, as you guys probably should have known by now and I edit them using these amazing apps that I downloaded on my phone. Honestly, I kind of having a love/ hate relationship with taking photos just because it's exciting, fun, and all but it's tiring! Hands down. You have to have the angles right, no shaky hands, and don't get me started with the weather. Anyway, after I'm happy with the photos, I will have it uploaded to join with that particular post and edit the Alt tags and whatnot.

My Blogging Routine | Lenne Zulkiflly

Sharing and promoting

I usually post around 8-10 in the morning, I'm not so sure why but I do. After that has been published for a couple of hours, I then promote it. What I usually do is I share my new post on Twitter. Sometimes I do tweet about the post more than once (but I keep forgetting it) and I will not forget to include hashtags along with it because don't underestimate the power of hashtags. Haha!

I also put a small description saying 'My Latest Blog Post' and link to the post on my Twitter bio, so whenever people visit my Twitter, they will know I have a new blog post. It's not going to work 100% but it sure does drive crazy traffic to my blog. Yes, I gain lots of traffic and engagement from Twitter. 

That's pretty much my blogging routine, I know it's very simple. I know it may seem unorganized to some of you guys, but I work that way and it suits me best. And I really admire people that have posts planned and written for months in advance. That's awesome and keep doing you! Aaand salam Ramadhan al-Mubarak to Muslims all around the world! ❤

Do you have a specific blogging routine?