Tips And Tricks For Short Eyelashes

I was born with short-ass eyelashes. Not just short, they stick straight, point downwards, thin and sparse too. I cry a little inside when I see people with long and thick eyelashes A.K.A my significant other. You don't deserve those lashes. Haha! I've always hated my eyelashes and I know it's not nice to hate whatsoever given to you by The Almighty.

So, in today's post, I will be sharing things that I do in order to love my lashes all over again and how to trick people into thinking you are having luscious, long eyelashes. Sisters out there who are having the same struggle as me, you may try these, and I hope it helps :)

Tips & Tricks For Short Eyelashes | Lenne Zulkiflly

#1 Serious curl

This sits on top of the list because this is the trick that I swear by. Eyelash curler is like my best friend. I won't go out without curling my lashes. It will curl your lashes upward (obviously) and make them appear longer. You might want to repeat the process several times to make sure all the lashes are curled. Remember, upon reaching the tip of the lashes, hold the curler a little longer to extend the shape. The longer, the better.

#2 Avoid dense, big, and spiky mascara brushes

I always stay away from dense, big, and spiky mascara wands. They are definitely not my cup of tea. Know why? It can actually coat the lashes way too much and pull the lashes down. No, we don't want that. Instead, go for a curved mascara brush, which brings me to my next point.

#3 Opt for a curved mascara wand

Curved mascara brushes are ideal for those with short eyelashes due to their flexibility and they have just the right amount to coat the lashes which won't weigh down your eyelashes. I have various mascara with curved brushes in my collection and Maybelline is definitely a favourite of mine. They are The Falsies and Hyper Curl <3

#4 Go for a mascara that says 'volumizing'/'lengthening'

You may also decide to go for mascaras that are being sold as 'volumizing' or 'lengthening' mascara. The moment I saw the word these two words, I know it's gonna do my eyelashes good and contribute lots of help in the length and volume department. Know what brand really does it? It's from the drugstore. Yup, it's Maybelline. The Lash Sensational is A-MA-ZING!

#5 Waterproof mascara

Waterproof mascara will certainly do the trick because the formulas are a bit drier and able to hold the curl and shape better than regular formulas. Sure, it's a hassle to get off but at least it holds the curl best and the lashes will appear longer all day long. Yay for that!

#6 Use Vaseline

This one is my favourite. What I usually do is after curling the lashes, I will coat them with Vaseline. Just a thin coat using an upward motion and don't neglect the bottom lashes as well. Vaseline is like a waxy substance to keep the lashes appear healthy.

#7 Wiggle mascara application 

This is the technique that I swear by while applying mascara. It sure takes up more time but this is the way to keep the lashes separated from each other. Also, it creates a thick base and enhances the lash line which will make the lashes thicker-looking and longer. So, wiggle it is! What's your favourite mascara application?

There you have it, 7 of my favourite tips and tricks for short eyelashes. These are just suggestions and the things I've compiled today should be okay to improve your sad-looking eyelashes (and mine!). I don't fancy fake lashes because I don't really wear them, which is the reason why I didn't mention them in this post. I want to improve the look of my short lashes without going too overboard and being carried away. That's all.

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Do you have the same struggle? If so, what do you do? What's your favorite trick?


  1. I don't know why, I hate using curling.. maybe because idk how to use it? ._.

    1. Lol I know. Sometimes it can be too overwhelming and it requires a lot of practice :)

  2. I have incredibly short lashes, so this is super helpful! Great tips xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  3. I feel so unfair when two of my brothers have long and curl lashes while mine is short and straight. They don't need it, so please pass it to me. Haha 😊

    1. Ikr! They don't deserve it, it's so unfair lolll

  4. sama lah kita.. short eyelashes juga...

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    1. Geng dengan Mia hehe bulu mata pendek.

      You're welcome! Next time nak join lagi hehe :)

  5. OMG the struggle is real! The wiggle application always helps me, and I use mascaras that come with 2 parts, a base coat and the black coat, that seems to help make them look longer! xx

    1. Ikr! Ooooh, that helps to. Might wanna try that. I know Maybelline also has that type of mascara 😄