A Little Life Update

I thought the blog was well overdue a life update/ catch up post. I said I was back and then decided to disappear again. I'm really sorry but sometimes I think I should just pass the need to apologize as blogging is not my main job or something. But hey! I miss writing. A lot. Regardless, I might give you guys an update on my life. 

Goodbye semester 4! You'll not be missed

I survived another semester in school, guys! I think I should give myself a pat on the back. I have been through a lot. A lot. It was tough. I lost a bunch of weight, I lost a lot of money too and I lost quite a few people that were once my everything and my go-to. But hey, it's not worth talking about. Let's move on. I did well, or so I thought. Hopefully, everything will be just fine and bismillah for the final year of uni! I'm ready. 

I have a part-time job

Alhamdulillah, I wasn't expecting anything because I hate the thought of expecting, expectations, etc. It gives me anxiety. But turns out, I have a part-time job. Since I have oodles of free time now, I say why not?

Focusing more on my skincare

My skin is acting up, again. I give up. I give up on makeup, I give up putting a bunch of makeup on my face! Now, skincare is #1. Well, it's been #1 but I guess now it's beyond #1. Maybe you guys can suggest me great products to combat the acne and scars on my face?

My favorite month is here!

Okay, who else loves that particular month just because they were born in that month? I know I do. It's my favorite month because I was born on November 23rd. I get excited just because I'm so used to that feeling. Come to think of it, the older you get, the less excited you feel for your birthday. Or is it just me? Maybe it's just me. Lol. The thought of getting older, more commitment, more challenges, and obstacles. Ahh, it gives me chills! I'll be alright, right?

A Little Life Update

Minimalize things and save up

You know what, it's okay to say "no" every once in a while to every "hey, let's buy new makeup today!" or "let's go hang out to that hipster cafe we went to the other day!" or "let's buy new clothes, there's a sale at bla bla bla." 

For almost three years staying at a place that I certainly don't call home, I have learned so many things. I don't know how to put this into words. I just hope you get what I mean. I'm trying to minimalize everything, from what I wear to what I use on a daily basis. I just use what I have and try not to buy anything unless it's necessary. I have come to believe that minimalizing things could lead to huge savings. I could be wrong but I can see the teeny-tiny result already. So, learn to say "no".
I hope everyone is enjoying their November so far! <3


  1. i use himalaya for acne and oil skin. its work great on me.

    1. I have tried the neem face wash one. It was alright. I just think it didn't do much for my skin T.T

  2. I can't help with you with suggesting skincare roducts as I usually change my products, & my skin goes well with everything I use. Plus. I concrern on having oily skin je.

    Btw, I'm just like you, trying to saving up money, unfortunately BO and padini were on sale so byebye to my 'let's save moneehhhhh'

    1. I pun kulit berminyak jugak. But now dia macam naik seketul seketul kat muka almost every week T.T Stress haha!

      Haha! You have to calm down with all the sales happening, babe. I thought I pun macam tak dapat control tau but surprisingly I did. Sales never bothered me anymore I guess. Maybe if I really need it, then I'll spend more than usual. That's it. Just be firm when it comes to $$$ and have a system. Hihi ^^

  3. November 23rd..same as my dad! Hehe πŸ˜€
    My face is acting up too. Before this I suffered from oily skin, and now my face is more to combination-dry skin. Not soft as before T_T Getting rid of acne scars are so...frustrated. But I get it, it needs lots of patience πŸ˜”

    Same as you, I also need to save up right now. Because I'm broke already πŸ˜…

    I miss you Lenne ☺️

    1. I know! You told me before hehe ^^

      Stress lah muka macam ni. It's happening only at one specific area je tau. That day kat dahi, now kat my right cheek T.T

      Jom lah save sama sama! Hihi x Aww I miss you too!

  4. You did a great job to complete your semester despite all of those challenges.

    I have the same idea of hating the thought of expecting but seems like for me, I need to put some expectation on every thing, otherwise I have no goals to strive for T_T and I don't like that even more T_T

    Can't help much with the skincare as I am such a noob on this. Plus, my skin is dry one - prone to freckles T_T


    1. Not mean to be dramatic but I'm so proud of me self :') Now I'm ready for the next obstacle. Ceyyy hahaha!

      That is so right, though. Maybe in my case, I don't expect too much, otherwise I will let myself down. I just have that feeling *sigh*

      Aww that's okay. I'll stick to what I'm using now as the zits are rarely making an appearance when I'm using these stuff. Hopefully, they are alright! x

  5. Hi Lenne! I'm also having same skin problems like you for a few weeks ago.Then I realized that I need to take care of my diet too instead of keep changing my skincare products. Eating less sugary and oily food really help me get a healthy skin.

    Btw, tq for sharing the info bout aloe vera gel. I'm totally love itπŸ’•

  6. Salam singgah dan follow sini..