Let me start off everything by saying I celebrated my birthday by sleeping and giving myself the break that I needed and deserved. That sounded so sad haha! But for real though. I then had the best meal in the whole wide world that I forgot to take pictures for the blog. And then tried bunch of new, cool makeup at Sephora too. I was having a good time. That's pretty much it. 

Okay, I kind off have mixed feelings about being 21. Just growing older in general. There's just this sad feeling that I'm growing older and in my mind saying, "there's no way to stop that". And don't get me started on some pressure about the amount of responsibilities and commitment I'm going to have. I'm certainly not ready for that phase in life. 

I have always been scared of the future. I'm so anxious about it. Like you don't know what would happen. Will it turns out great or the other way around? You have no idea. But that doesn't mean I don't strive to make my future look great. Trust me, I'm trying and it takes shit loads of effort and hard work.

Turned 21 Today! | LENNE ZULKIFLLY

Well, now that I have all of this in my mind, in order to 'neutralize' it, I need to feel some contentedness. I do feel content. I'm alive, I'm happy with my life, even though I could live a happier one but that's a different story. I have all of my favorite persons with me and a Dean's lister for 4 semesters straight? I'm not complaining. I have my beautiful baby blog which I'm proud of even though I'm really struggling to be as active as I can be. There's so much to list and I'm just going to say I'm happy and thankful. 

I have come to realize that these feelings have given me a picture of what exactly I wish to do and want to be. I have some resolutions ready for the coming year that I would like to actually accomplish. Wish me luck! 

Okay, it's clear that this is just a quick little update from me who's growing old and not really liking it. I have to put up something or else people might think I'm dead. Haha! But what really matter is I'm breathing and blessed, right? I'm grateful enough.

What are your thoughts on growing older?