Doe Deere's Morning Routine

When it comes to good skincare, preparation is key. The skin tells so much about the body and good healthy skin proves what you're doing right. Every woman should be concerned about what to use on her face as all skin is not created equal. A daily skincare menu is exactly what every woman should have and that is what Doe Deere has dedicated her life to. She is the great success of morning routine. She shows how to take the guesswork out of the morning and night routines of skincare.


The secret to clear skin is getting plenty of rest. Your body knows how much rest you need. Be careful to listen and give it the amount it needs.

Doe Deere's Morning Routine

Prepare the day

Doe Deere also shares with women everywhere that taking the time to prepare for your day will help your body charge and give optimum performance. Eating a good breakfast and staying hydrated is an important part of fueling your day. Start each morning with a glass of pure water. It is a must. As for Doe, she likes to relax, answer emails, and touch base with her associates through internal company chat.


Doe admits her favourite time of the morning is putting on her makeup (me too!) while listening to The Beatles. She starts with a fragrant rose face wash. Next comes the hydrodynamic moisturizer. At this time she applies the foundation. Loreal's True Match and MAC's Studio Fix are her foundation choices. Psst! She is in the process of perfecting her own foundation line which will be marketed soon. Excited much?

Doe Deere's Morning Routine
On a personal note, Doe Deere likes to shower in the evening giving her ample time to fix her hair in the morning. She uses a curling iron which enhances her long purple hair. Now that she is set for the day, she has quality time to spend with her two Persian cats! Chester von Battingham and Puffy Fluffles are the kings of their castle. Doe Deere puts in full days at the office but makes time for the important things in life. Beautiful skin is just having the knowledge and preparation of good habits and good products. Doe Deere helps unlock the secrets of soft, glowing skin.

About Doe Deere

Doe Deere is the great success story of morning routine beauty. She is the creator of the beauty brand Lime Crime. We already took a peek into her successful skincare routine. No wonder she has such beautiful skin! Now it's our turn to spice up our morning routine to give the best to our skin.

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  1. I am trying my best to drink a glass of water upon waking up :)

    1. Me too! Apparently, it's good for the body. Some says for 'awet muda' hehehe :D

  2. Start each morning with a glass of pure water totally worth it, but I'm always start with a cup of hot tea, sometimes coffee ^.^