My goal this year is to be genuinely happy despite any flaws I encounter in life. I'm done faking my happiness. I'm done having to follow the lead of everybody. I don't have to have what everyone has in order to be happy. That's not what happy is. I just want to maintain a positive outlook on life and remain at peace. I'm hitting that 'pause' button to improve my life in 2018, to make 2018 the best year yet. Here are the things I'm doing differently this year:

Don't hold grudges

I have always wanted to brush off this negativity in me. It's not healthy. I guess, in this year, I understand that it's better to forgive and forget. Holding grudges never bring any good and I think to myself, why I let anyone that has wronged me have power over me? This is the year of sincerity, forgiveness and happiness. Let's do this!

Go to sleep when I'm actually tired

Tell me, how often are we about to fall asleep on the couch because we're feeling lazy? Or better yet, just go straight to bed because we don't feel like doing anything? Oh boy, I have done this countless times. I want to make a difference now. I will only go to sleep when I'm actually tired, not lazy. It's time to remind myself that I will wake up feeling refreshed after a good night sleep. That way, I'm able to start my day 'fully charged', energized and happy.

Start journaling

I'm currently starting to write again. I have stopped for quite some time though. Actually, I have continued writing since the very end of last year which was in November 2017. I wrote about my feelings, how I feel that day etc. It felt good. That calmness and peaceful feeling just came right back again. It helps me to understand what's really going on with me and just put things into perspective. It feels like a therapy and it will always be.

Start saving and budgeting 

I have always wanted to save for many years already but my cheapskate-but-still-want-to-spend-huge-amount-of-money-ass always came in the way. However, not this year. And I will make it happen. I have already started 'slowly but surely' to save and do a little budget here and there. I can already see a tiny difference though. I'm happy with the progress I'm making. I want to save more this year, control my spending and not having 20 ringgit left in my bank account at the end of every month.

Choose friends wisely and keep my circle small

It's important to surround yourself with optimistic people. They will encourage you to achieve your goals, they encourage you to move forward and they're your source of spirit. They always spread positivity and teach you to actually feel good about yourself. I love this kind of people. I don't have to have plenty of them. 2 or 3 is already enough for me. If you have this kind of people in your life, cherish them, take care of them and be happy <3

Start each day with a cup of water

Oh boy, there are just so much your body can benefit from drinking water. It hydrates the body, gives energy etc. The stuff you consume will reflect on the outside. Your skin will glow, your body will look extra fine and your lips will thank you, just by drinking water. I'm slowly cutting sugary drinks on a daily basis. Maybe every once in a while should be fine because sista has her cravings and it's insane.

Don't stress over small stuff 

If this ever happen to me again (which, it will always be), I will ask myself, "Will this problem matter a year from now?" Life is too short to stress over something so little and wouldn't even have an impact in our lives. I just want to be relax and handle things at peace. What are these wrinkles? I don't need them.


I will meditate and schedule some "me" time every now and then. In the middle of my hectic but not interesting life, I tend to forget to look after myself. I will have some "me" time and meditate to find inner peace. That's what matter the most. Inner. If you have such chaotic situation going on on the inside, please meditate. I like to take long walks or go for a long drive in the middle of the night where there's barely anyone. There's when I empty my mind and I will find inner peace and happiness. Let's live happily and calm our nerves.

Live minimally

This year, I just want to live minimally, have everything in smaller and simpler unit. Extra belongings around the house is what weighing me down and I feel so overwhelmed by it. I want to live simply and enjoy things at minimal and moderate pace. I have said it before that I don't have to have what everyone has in order to be happy :)

What are the things you're
doing differently this year?