A Little Thoughts On Growing Up

"I'm always a princess."

"I'll always be young at heart."

"I am always my mommy's and daddy's little girl."

A Little Thoughts On Growing Up
How I wish it's still valid for me to say those words. I know it still is valid in a certain way, am I right or am I right? I knew a lot of people who has the same thought like me, wishing we're still 'little' and adorable. Well, we are still adorable. To be honest, I don't know where I'm going with this post, I just feel the need to put my thoughts into words.

I'm turning 22 this year and I know I'm only in my 20s but I have begun to experience growing pains. It's difficult for me to accept this "adulting" phase though. It's exhausting. I know whining wouldn't make it any better but I have learned the good far exceeds the bad. Let me ask you a few questions.

Have you ever felt like cooking, baking and cleaning give you a satisfying feeling?

It's weird that cooking and cleaning used to be a chore that I hated so much and I would do anything to get rid of it but now that I'm growing up, I enjoy cooking, baking, trying new recipes, watching cooking shows etc. I feel the need to cook every day for my sister and I'm fine with it. "What do want to eat for today?" is definitely my new most used word. Not to mention that I feel so accomplished when the house is so clean, especially the kitchen. Is it just me?

Have you ever felt like spending time with your family is something that you look forward to?

I enjoy my family's company more now and look forward to hanging out with them more often because I feel relieved, comforted and happier around them. I mean, who wouldn't rather spend time with their friends, no? I still do. I have the greatest friends on earth but no one knows me better than my family. That's all I'm gonna say.

Have you ever felt like you're anxious by doing nothing?

If you're feeling uneasy, uncomfortable about doing nothing, oh boy, you can most definitely call yourself a mature person. Back in the day, I consider myself an expert at wasting time. I could waste an entire day by doing absolutely nothing. Things are quite different, recently. I always attempt to fill my days by doing at least something productive, such as updating my resume. It starts to annoy me when I spend the whole day doing nothing. Trust me, I really do. Do you feel me?

Have you ever felt like weekends are the way to catch up on things?

Well, weekends used to be for hanging out with my friends and sometimes for dates, and it still is though, but occasionally. Now, that's not the case. The weekend is definitely time to do the laundry, clean, catch up on all the tasks that need to be done before the week starts over. I do blog at times and pamper myself with some bougie sheet masks.

Have you ever felt like you're getting the saying "You'll understand when you're older"?

Remember that line? The line that mothers used to use? You've heard it, didn't you? I'm finally getting a clearer picture of it and my mom was right about everything. I do understand now, it's not easy raising 4 daughters, alone, and maintaining the same career for almost 30 years.

Have you ever felt like you rely on yourself more than you ever did?

It's kind of strange that I find myself solving almost all of my problems all by myself and taking the responsibility for my own flaws with, of course, a lot of tears and sleepless nights. My parents are just my source of courage now, I don't really involve them in my troubles anymore. I don't have to load them with my problems because they probably already have so many problems, am I right or am I right?

Well, the questions can go on and on, but you get what I'm trying to say. I did mention I have learned the good far exceeds the bad, and yup it's okay to grow up. Nothing strange about it. Love it or hate it, growing up is a part of life. I need to take my own advice, before anything else. Btw, I'm rooting for each and every one of you. Let's keep pushing ourselves to be better <3


  1. “Have you ever feel like you're anxious by doing nothing?” - yes yes!! Tak boleh duduk diam. Mesti ada benda yang nak dibuat. Rasa macam buang masa kalau takde buat apa2.

    “Weekend to catch up on things” - sangat!! Dah ada aktiviti wajib masa weekend seperti do laundry. So memang akan luangkan masa juga tiap kali weekend untuk itu.

    Dan dulu, masa remaja, haha, siqah suka keluar masa weekend. Memang tak lekat kat rumah lah. Sekarang, berada di rumah saja masa weekend adalah satu nikmat 😁

    1. We always have something to do kan!! Rasa bersalah biarkan masa berlalu macam tu je haha. And yes, weekends dulu tak sama macam weekends sekarang. Ada jugak hangout every once in a while tu tapi most of the time memang catch up on things jelah hehe :D