11 Beauty Tips and Tricks I Swear By

11 Beauty Tips and Tricks I Swear By
Hello, beauty enthusiasts! Don't you have that one, or maybe more tips and tricks that you swear by? The ones that got you covered and make a world of a difference. I know you do. Here, I have rounded up mine in one spot! 

  1. If you love super curly, volumizing and as-if-you-are-wearing-falsies kind of lashes, use a waterproof mascara first then add a coat or two of volumizing mascara on top
  2. In order to achieve the no-makeup makeup look, make sure that your blush and lip color are slightly similar. The best way is to use tints! Apply some on the lips and on the cheeks and you are good to go
  3. Always use a serum and moisturizer before applying makeup to achieve a smooth canvas and flawless finish
  4. Keep your face masks in the fridge for an extra refreshing skin treatment
  5. Always prime the lips with lip balm before applying lip products to ensure smooth application
  6. After washing and cleansing your face, it is better to let it air-dry rather than to pat-dry 
  7. Avoid touching your face too much as it can cause breakouts due to bacteria 
  8. Avoid using hair products too close to your scalp and face as it can cause breakouts too. It is better to nourish the ends and the middles
  9. Don't brush your hair when it is wet because it is the most 'fragile' when it is wet. Use your fingers instead to detangle your hair and only brush it once it is dry
  10. Don't exfoliate every single day. Please, treat your skin gently and only exfoliate twice a week
  11. Mix and match foundation formulas for flawless finish and long lasting. I usually use mattifying foundation on oilier areas and a dewy formula around the perimeter of the face
What are some beauty tips and tricks that you swear by?

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