Getting back into writing after ages of not having extra time due to work is heaven!! I am listening to On Rainy Days by Beast as I am writing this. I keep it on repeat because the song gives me some type of feeling that I have lost years ago and it came back again. Anyway, I hope you all are having a great month and that everything goes well for you. As for me, I survived, I lived and I am at bliss. Let's see how my July went.

Internship update!

I know I know I know. Ever since I started my internship, I cannot stop talking about it. I am THAT excited. All I can say is I am doing so good! I survived my first month and it was kinda roller coaster-ish. I love that I was busy, it was productive for me BUT I also hate it because I had the tiniest amount of time for myself. But one thing for sure, I love it here.

Day out with my girls

Like, finally. There are 4 of us but sadly one of us couldn't make it and join us against the world, so off just the 3 of us then. We hit Berjaya Times Square to shop a little and had a late lunch at Boat Noodles. It was good but is it just me or the portion is just so tiny now? I need clarification, dear Boat Noodles manager. Btw, our little get-together session was ended there because one of us had to come home early :(

Oldie but a goodie k-pop songs be hitting different!

Let me tell you something. There was a day where I was super frustrated, I was tired and everyone wasn't helping at all and they're pissed me off. So I laid down, closed my eyes and I don't know how it went but all I can remember was I am already listening to Don't Go by EXO. I felt okay on-the-spot! So I keep listening to my all-time fav K-pop playlist on JOOX and God knows how okay I was after listening to tons of good K-pop tracks. Some of their music is so something else and please let me know if you have your own "feel good k-pop" tracks that are worth listening to 'cause I would love to listen to more of this type of music.

I met someone new...

I think this is the biggest highlight of the month, for me. I met someone new. Yes. I just click with him so well, surprisingly 'cause I am socially awkward around guys lol. It's too early to assume things as of now but I am thrilled to know about him more. We will see if it's fitting to take you guys with my journey knowing this one nice guy. Hehehe.

I lost 5kgs!

It's almost impossible for me to believe this 'cause my office-mates are all a foodie! I was shocked 'cause I thought it's not a good sign and I started googling stuff. Haha! Anyway, it all comes together now and it's crystal clear that I lost 5 kilograms 'cause I completely cut off sugary drinks since May 2018, I workout regularly and I hit the bed before 12 o'clock. It's totally a massive achievement for me but I am not surprised if I gained more weight after saying all this stuff 'cause I am forever that girl that will lose/gain weight easily.

What are you up to for August?