Hello, gorgeousness! We are going to have a loose powder showdown today. That sounds dramatic, isn't it? Whatever it is, I will be reviewing the IN2IT Cover Smooth Loose Powder and the Silkygirl No Sebum Mineral Powder. Before I start pro and con-ing things, let me tell you something. Living in a humid country and trying to survive a good makeup day is a constant challenge. It's even more of a challenge if you have oily skin.

Thank god for loose setting powders, right? This time around, I am on the hunt for different loose powder other than my precious Catrice Nude Illusion Loose Powder that I treasure so much. I know I gotta try something else and now I have these two to review them together with you.

IN2IT Cover Smooth Loose Powder | 11 g | RM 17 - 18

The IN2IT Cover Smooth Loose Powder is a soft, smooth, and silky loose powder that is formulated with Vitamin E and pearl powder to enhance skin radiance. It comes in one shade, which is the Natural shade that is perfect for all skin tones. The texture is so soft and smooth, it stays true to what it claims. But I don't think it is super refined like a translucent powder. Regardless, I still dig it. 

I like the fact that this loose powder has a natural undertone and not leaving that white-cast look on me. It contains a little bit of micro glitter in it, which some people might not like but not me. It is not that noticeable, so I am fine with it. As far as finish goes, it has a satin or semi-matte finish in my opinion because it has a little bit of sheen peeking through. Let's put it this way, it is matte but not an overly matte type of powder that sometimes can make your under-eye areas look wrinkly and dry.

It sets my makeup beautifully and I honestly love this powder because it doesn't crease so much on me! If you happen to have some fine lines and creases on a certain area of your face, powders tend to settle in those areas. But with this powder, I would say it is minimal creases. 

One more thing, y'all probably bored already hearing me say I have oily skin but guess what? I going to say it again. I have oily skin but I don't need to touch up throughout the day if I am wearing this powder. Yeah, maybe I need a little bit of touch-up here and there because let's be honest, I am such an oil slick at the end of the day but it won't be necessary because this powder absorbs and controls most of the oil all day long.

Oh my goodness, I think I might like this one better than the Catrice one. It contains more than what Catrice has offered and cheaper too!

Regardless of all the nicest things about this loose powder, I have to say one thing that I don't really like about it. Just a little heads up, it can look heavy on the skin if you are not careful with it. It has the ability to make you look like you have so much makeup on. My advice: just dab a little bit of the powder using the powder puff provided and carefully build as you go. That is what I always do and I do set it with setting spray to tone it down a tad.

What I really like about it:

 Not overly matte finish
It has a sheen to it to boost the radiance of my skin
Minimal to almost no creases
Great staying power
Absorbs and controls oil
Travel-friendly packaging
Great value for money

What I don't like about it:

It can look heavy on the skin
Sometimes I have to set it with setting spray
Only comes in one shade

Who will enjoy this:

Anyone that loves not an overly matte setting powder
Anyone that has oily skin, dry skin, or combination skin
Anyone that hunts for the inexpensive option of loose powder

Silkygirl No Sebum Mineral Powder | 5 g | RM 21

Seems familiar, huh? This could be a total dupe for the remarkable Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder. Well, the real question is are they similar? I would say, extremely close. This Silkygirl No Sebum Mineral Powder is super soft in texture. Fine, super fine powder. For your information, this is the loose powder I use before applying my foundation. Yeah. That is how I keep my base looking perfect all day. It absorbs the sebum out of my face for the foundation to adhere better onto my skin. Anyway, here's my foundation routine if you fancy a read.

I cannot emphasize enough how oil-controlling this loose powder, hence the name. I am obsessed! As far as finish goes, it has a completely matte finish. Almost overly matte in my honest opinion. I have a great liking for it only if I lightly set my foundation with this powder because it is clearly white and I don't want any white cast effect on my face.

So I guess you can say that I like this powder as a base powder before applying foundation rather than to set my face. It does a phenomenal job keeping my foundation looking greaseless all day long. As for applying it at the last stage of my foundation, I am not into it so much. Don't get me wrong, I love it but definitely for a different purpose other than setting my foundation. It is a versatile loose powder, after all. It is versatile enough to be used for other benefits too.

What I like about it:

 Works great underneath the foundation
No 'separating' at the end of the day
Controls oil
No fragrance
Not leaving any major creases
Travel-friendly packaging

What I don't like about it:

 It can leave a slight white cast

Who will enjoy this:

 Anyone that has oily t-zone
Anyone that has been looking for a dupe for the Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder

My verdict:

I love them both equally. Sorry to disappoint but I love them both for a completely different reason. I like the Silkygirl No Sebum Mineral Powder better underneath my foundation, meanwhile for setting my whole face, I really fancy the IN2IT Cover Smooth Loose Powder because I don't like an overly matte kind of skin now. So yeah, that's that. I hope you enjoy today's post!

What is your favorite drugstore loose setting powder?