Hello beautiful people! I am feeling the need to do a quick re-cap of a few things going on around here. A lot has been going on, but did it really happen if I don't document it here? 

I am 'unofficially' graduated! Yes, I am done with my studies, I am done with my internship and planning to get a job very soon. I can't let myself be as free as the birds flying because I want to be able to buy what I want with my own money.

I am currently living at my aunt's house and I technically have a 'full-time job' (read: I have to babysit 4 lovely kiddos) before I can go back to my motherland. Yes, of course I am being paid.

I honestly haven't been the best in saving money for the past few weeks. I am in the state where I just want to shop and that's it. It's clearly not healthy if we're considering about the rate of everything nowadays. I almost spent a freakin' two hundred ringgit holiday collection from MAC that I probably not gonna use. I need to get a proper job ASAP.

Apart from that, I am assuming it would be fun if we can talk about the things I actually bought (that's not as expensive as the MAC's holiday collection) in another blog post, right? 

I am trying quite a lot of new skincare products! And I think I have found some gems. I almost gave up trying to fix my skin but my momma didn't raise no quitter. Let's hope the weather is nice for me to take some photos and I am not lazy.

On the blog recently:

  • I have a domain. Yes I do, gworl! I did it and I think it was the best decision I've ever made before new year. Need to cross that off from my blogging goals!
  • I made a little FAQs section up there so you can check it out and hopefully I am not getting those questions again.
  • Updated my 'About' section too!
  • I am trying out a different body font. Do ju like it?
  • ...nothing else, apart from I am doing pretty good in keeping up with my blog *throws confetti*

PS: I've been itching to get a new template. What's with me?

Hey, I hope you're having the best life x