10 Things I Miss About Being A Student

10 Things I Miss About Being A Student | LENNE ZULKIFLLY
As much as I am enjoying my working life, there are definitely some things I am missing about being a student and just the overall lifestyle that I had for 3 years. I left my uni in 2018 which was last year and it's not a long period of time, to begin with, but I am missing bits and pieces of it. It was by far the best 3 years of my life.

The amount of free time I had. Yes, you may be in uni from 8-5 but when you get home, you probably have some time to spend on your phone, have a good chat with your friends, hang out, cook dinner and watch your favorite tv show. Now that I am working, all these seem undoable anymore. Usually, by the time I am home, it's gone 7pm and sleep is all I need.

I miss living in a house with 7 of my other coursemates. Living with other people that you know nothing about (at first) is scary. Just the thought of it is scary. But who knows it was one of the sweetest memories you had while being a student?

As marketing students, we stayed in touch with a lot of entrepreneurship events, both indoor and outdoor. So, we're expected to dress the best that we could to make a good impression. I don't know what was the correlation between those two but who can stand a flipping 50 ringgit penalty just because you're wearing an open-toe shoe?

I miss cooking with my housemate, especially when it's Ramadhan and we had friends come over and cook big meals. 

Taking long walks around campus and see so many familiar faces that I can stop and have a quick chat with.

Student discounts. Need I say more? Most shops usually have special offers for students. Especially when it comes to food! You can save so much. All you have to do is bring your student ID anytime, anywhere.

10 Things I Miss About Being A Student | LENNE ZULKIFLLY
Wasting time... As a uni student, you do have that long, endless afternoons you knew you could push back doing assignments but instead, you just lie down on your bed and do absolutely nothing for hours. That was definitely a pleasure that hardly ever found in the working life.

Having the energy to go out during the week. In uni, I could wake up at like 6am (AKA an hour earlier than the time I wake up now), go to class, have project discussions in between, go to some other class, write a paper, go to badminton practice, hang out with friends, go to work, go to sleep, and wake up to do it all over again. Now I can barely go out on a Saturday night! I am only 23. Where did all of that energy go?

Impromptu plans with my best girlfriends. While being a student, you could be casually sitting around and suddenly decide "Let's go to the movies!" and getting a bunch of yeses and you just get up and go. Ahh, those days...

Staying up too late. Or never going to bed at all. Those nights where I had zero worries and enjoy sleeping too late or not getting any sleep at all. Yes, I might be grumpy the next day, but I'd say it was worth it. A cup of coffee is all I need.

The list could go on. There are hundreds of things I miss about being a student but these are just a few. Student life has definitely been an amazing experience for me. It has helped me grow as an individual. The step you take into the real world can be terrifying and overwhelming, y'know. I know I will look back on these years as the happiest of my life. If only I could be a student forever...
What do you miss about your student days?


  1. Its been few months since I graduated & I miss all those things already.. T-T

  2. i really miss being a student. seriously, the vibes and rindu suasana belajar ngan kawan2 umur dekat sebaya. :D

  3. it was weird reading this cause i never thought that i actually didn't miss anything. it's not like it has been bad or anything, my uni life was awesome, it was just that i don't really miss it. well. i do miss not feeling dead tired when it was only 5pm.

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