May Favorites

May Favorites
Hello, gorgeousness! It's time for another favorites post. Almost all of these products you will be seeing were the products that got ignored and stashed behind all of the newer products. I was going through my collection the past few weeks and realized how much I enjoyed a couple of these products! Let's hope I don't forget to use them again.

What I love in May:

Palladio Botanical & Vitamin Infused Matte Blush in BM05 Chic

Oh. My. Goodness. I don't know why I stopped using this blush (you seriously just asked that question, Lenne?) because it's honestly one of the best drugstore blush I ever had. This blush has come back into my makeup regimen for good, guys!

I have spent the whole month going into this blush and using it every day for work. I forgot how pigmented and at the same time how it appears so natural on the cheeks. It's long-lasting, not chalky and for some reason, it can make your cheeks glow. I know it's a matte blush but it's not like a flat matte, more like a velvety matte. I really love this shade as it compliments my medium tanned skin. I would say they have a nice range of shades that I know lots of people with different skin tones can enjoy.

M.A.C Soft & Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish

'Soft & Gentle' was (and always) my holy-grail highlighter. It is without a doubt a beautiful highlighter and easy to work with. I love the soft peachy and bronze color to it. I think it's so flattering on my skin. It's made up with such a great formula that melts into the skin so well and gives you that "wet" look. I am obsessed!

May Favorites

Maybelline Brow Precise Fiber Volumizer in Soft Brown

Never been fond of brow tinting products before other than my beloved Benefit Gimme Brow but gosh I loved this! Maybe even more than the Gimme Brow that I had been repurchased a million times. Oops!

I love the consistency of this brow mascara. I personally think it's easy to use even if you're new into makeup. The 3D effect and added fibers make this an altogether fantastic product for me. It's fantastic at not only tinting the brows but also setting them in place. Whatever brow products you use underneath will be kept intact with the use of this brow mascara. Worth the try!

Silkygirl MLBB Lip Tint in 02 Rosie

I knew this was gonna end up being an absolute favorite when I mentioned it in this post. The consistency is really unique. It's not like any other lip tints that I have tried in the past. I don't know how to describe it but I absolutely love it.

It's so moisturizing and I said it once, now I am going to say it twice - I didn't experience any dryness or chapped lips at the end of the day. It's lightweight and has good longevity too. Be careful not to accidentally swallow the product because it tastes horrible. But overall, very well done. I wish I picked up more colors.

May Favorites

Hey, Babe Skin Pre-Makeup Oil

Sis. Oh, sis. I wish I never bought any other matte primer in the whole wide world. This is enough! My Too Faced Primed and Peachy Primer phase is over now and I am back using this pre-makeup oil. This is an important note - when I use that Too Faced primer, my makeup usually expires before 5pm. My fine lines are finally showing, my foundation bunched up and patchy and it was not a cute look, guys.

However, it's totally way different when I use this pre-makeup oil. TOTALLY. I was surprised one day when I got so many compliments about my makeup when it's even over that 5pm mark. It's all because I was using this oil as my primer that day. When I got home, my sister also realized my makeup was still super on point and it hasn't "expired" yet.

I have to stock up real soon because I am running low on it due to daily usage, haha! Thanks, Hey, Babe Skin for sending me this <3

Caudalie Grape Water Face Mist

Love, love, love this face mist! One of the things I love is the fact that it has a nice and super fine continuous mist. Don't you just hate it when a certain face mist claims that the mist is super fine but when you try it, it isn't really super fine? The audacity!

This, however, feels like nothing when you spritz it on your face but when you look at the mirror, you're drenched (for good, though). So, I like that. This is a versatile product for me as you're able to use it whenever you want and for whatever reason you like. I like it more skincare-wise. I spritz a generous amount after toning my skin to boost more hydration. #HydrationIsTheKey. It's also great to have if you want to refresh your skin throughout the day.

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What have you been loving lately?


  1. caudalie grape water tu sumpah favourite <3

    1. Best kan! Mist dia tersangatlah fine! Love love looove it

  2. Hi Lenne :) I'm new here .. Salam singgah

  3. ooohh, I'm loving the Grape Water too! Especially the past month!