Hey, I've missed you, blog.

Hey, I've missed you, blog.
Hello, beautiful people. I miss you! I have been missing from the blogosphere for exactly four weeks. A month! I have so much to say to you now but I feel so awkward talking here after abandoning the blog for a solid one month. Oh, blog, I have missed you so! I must say there's just so much going on in my life that needs 99 percent of my attention so sadly I have to sacrifice the blog even though I have lots of great content for it.

What's really major happening in my life right now? 

If this isn't news to you, your homegirl has got a new job. It's probably not my dream job but I must say it is definitely a job that I enjoy. I got the best colleagues that make me laugh all the time, having to take the responsibilities to pay bills and get to buy stuff without using my parents' money anymore! Uh-mazing! Mom, dad, your daughter is such an independent lady now.

It has been 2 wonderful months of working and little did I know the feeling of furthering my studies isn't really there anymore. It's quite sad sometimes for me because my mom wants me to have at least a bachelor's degree. It's definitely something that I have to weigh so many times, guys since it is for my future. For my own good. I feel like it's not my "calling", just yet, I guess. So in the meantime, working it is. Working is fun. So much fun! EXCEPT, not having time to spare for the blog. That's a different story.

Anyway, I hope I can get into the swing of things again and have my blogging mojo back. I am so sorry for this short but very much-needed life-update post. Expect more posts coming from your homegirl! I have so many good things to share with you. I hope you are having a fantastic day or night. Talk to you soon! x


  1. Wow, congratulations for your job! Man, I cannot wait to start working too :D

    1. Thanks girl! Working life is soooo much fun I tell you xx

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