Reading: Nothing other than a couple of blogs I have missed over the last couple of weeks eeek! But it was fun catching up with all of my blogging gals. Drop your links below so I can pay you a visit! 

Writing: ...this? And also working on my 2019 in Alphabetical Orders blog post. It's like a tradition here in my blog. Hehe.

Listening: to Paris in The Rain by Lauv. It's so dreamy and feels like a lullaby to me.

Thinking: About a lot of things! So many plans and things coming up. And it's already December!? Where did the time go?

Smelling: The smell of my s/o's shirt <3

Wishing: ...that whatever happens later will turn out fine and A-okay.

Hoping: not get bad menstrual cramps on my period. (It's almost the time of the month!)

Wearing: My s/o's shirt... and shorts. Comfy attire, as per ush.

Loving: The progress I'm making with my skin journey! My skin is definitely in a happy state. Do you guys want an updated skincare routine? Tell me in the comments!

Wanting: A fresh, new theme for ze blog. 

Needing: Pouring rain. I know it's odd but who doesn't love a cold and chilly night?

Feeling: Happy because homegirl paid her domain name today for peace of mind!

Clicking: Around Spotify, Bloglovin' and my blog.

How's your Sunday, gorgeousness?