My 2019 in Alphabetical Order

My 2019 in Alphabetical Order

Alone |
I always, always find time to be alone, physically and personally by myself. I enjoyed my own company. Most of the time, I got lots of thinking done when I'm all alone.

Being babied | Being treated like a baby by my favourite person was such a blessing. You showed lots of affection which is just what I want, had to drive me everywhere and made sure I would never go to bed angry or sad - *internal screams* Thank you for taking care of me, sayang

Chickenpox | It was one of the miserable and awful weeks for me. Enough said. I don't want to experience it ever again. 

Domain name | Yes, just celebrated its one year birthday! 

Employed | I would say having a paid job is really, really awesome. I made it clear it's not my dream job but in this economy, you should be grateful for having a job that pays a decent amount and you get to treat your mom and yourself. It doesn't matter if it's a part-time job, a full-time job, a 9-5 job, everyone's hustling and of course, never stop hustling!

Flourishing | I can see myself grow so much more and do well as a person in 2019. I kept doing the best that I can and getting better day by day.

Graduated | I graduated diploma back in August 2019. Good times.

Healing | Another year of healing, finding my true, joyful self back. It was not a smooth sailing journey. I thought I was healed after all this time but healing happens in layers, y'know. Sometimes you have to revisit old wounds several times throughout the years.

IG-less | I went on an Instagram hiatus and completely ditched and uninstall the Instagram app on my phone and it was one of the best decisions I have made. 

Just go with the flow | It's okay to go with the flow and live life as it comes to you. It shows just how perseverance you are as a human being.

Karaoke nights | I love karaoke nights! I definitely had the best times with my loved ones every single week. I made it crucial to have a karaoke night every weekend because why the heck not?

Liberosis | I have had liberosis many, many times at some point in my life. It is the desire to care less about things. I am not quite sure if it's a good thing or not but at least I didn't get anxious as much as I would anymore.

Mom | I am so grateful for having one. Moms are precious. I couldn't thank her enough. My mom packed my lunch, drove me to work, tucked me in my bed. The list could go on. And as a 23-year-old, it seems like I'm spoiled but I don't mind being spoiled, still at this age by my momma. 

New friends | I met quite a number of new genuine, cool and kind people this year. I almost did not want to believe it but God has shown me proof that these people still exist. Here I am today surrounded by new awesome people in my life.

My 2019 in Alphabetical Order

"Okay, boss!" | My frequent way to reply to my boss. Or sometimes, my bae.

Privacy | I managed to do so many (good) things behind closed doors and I feel like not everyone deserves to know every little thing you do. Privacy is so rare nowadays, I feel.

Quality time | Quality time with family is beautiful and is something that I will always look forward to every single week. Even if you only have a few hours, spend that few hours together. It's a blessing.

Realization | That "this plot of my life doesn't even make sense to me anymore" struggle was real. Have you ever felt this way and realized that your life could have been different and maybe, better? I know I do, up to this day. Going into my mid-20s is hella wild like literally A N Y T H I N G can happen. But homegirl survived 2019 and that's what matters the most!

Speak out | I did it even when no one wants to listen. 

Trip | I need to do more travelling but last year was not so bad. I took lots of trips around Lahad Datu (which is my hometown, if you don't already know) and went to places I have never been to. It was awesome.

Upbeat | My second half of 2019 was pretty upbeat and happier compared to my first half. I was having a positive tone kind of day every single week without failing. I think it has something to do with me being optimistic 24/7. Well, I guess it's worth it.

Vagueness | My world is so full of uncertainties but I eventually embraced it like a boss. 

Wisdom tooth | I finally got my wisdom tooth removed after several times of "my-tooth-is-doing-just-fine-I'll-take-painkillers-instead" excuses. I decided to wait a little bit too long to have mine taken out, only because I was so terrified of undergoing the procedure. The moment when my gum got inflamed and swollen for the second time then I decided to just get it over with and get it removed asap. Homegirl is not weak. No. My momma did not raise me to be a quitter.

Xmas holiday | Festive seasons = holidays = more sleep.

Yay for makeup and skincare | What's new? I am 'that' girl and will always be. I just think in 2019 I was more mindful of what I am buying and I tend to do comparisons a lot. That keeps me from buying unnecessary stuff and never actually using them. Yea, I was a little more mindful than before.

Zest for life! | Thank you and goodbye, 2019. You were seriously filled with excitement and surprises and I love that.

How's your 2019? Do you make any New Year's resolutions?


  1. Happy New Year Lenne. May this year bring us more good things.

    1. aamiin! happy new year to you too, gorgeous! xx

  2. Happy New Year, Lenne!!! This is an awesome summary of your year in 2019! Hope to read more stories from you soon!

    1. happy new year, wani! thanks for reading! would love to read a version of yours. no pressure, though haha! have a good one xx

  3. Happy New Year Lenne, hope to see you more in 2020!

  4. "Privacy is so rare nowadays, I feel."

    It is very true! T_T

    How is your IG less hiatus status now? :D

    1. i'm glad i'm not the only one who thinks this way!! my IG-less status? oh girl it's still going strong. there's quite a few times where i can't resist it though and without any warning i started to scrolling my IG feed for a couple of minutes and then realized i'm on hiatus hahaha

  5. Happy New Year, Lenne. Haven't got the chance to make my version of this last year. Huhu

    Quality time with family is what I treasure the most. I am back to KL from Shah Alam every weekend just to be with my family and I don't care what people say about it cause for me family is my everything ❤

    Syaza |

    1. happy new year, syaza! would love to read yours, though! but no pressure ok hehe. and yes girl, you don't have to care what others think about you going back and forth from college to home. you do you xx

  6. This is so interesting. I've never once thought about writing my journey in an alphabetical order. *clap