Stepping Up My Skincare Game in 2020

Hello, gorgeousness! Entering the new decade, I feel the need to revamp my skincare regimen. While everyone says beauty is only skin deep, those skincare routines are still going strong. I know for a fact, I am one to get sucked into product hype in the beauty world. But 2020 is bringing me some newer changes in the health and beauty department. And today, I decided to share with you what I have been doing to step up my skincare game this year. So, game on!

How I step up my skincare routine in 2020:

Simple routine

Nothing is really simple when it comes to me. However, this year, I am bringing it to a halt. While we see all those 10-steps Korean skincare routine tutorials online (that works every so often), most of us know we don't have time for that. It doesn't suit my lifestyle.

So in 2020, it will be all about simplifying that tedious skincare routine. I am now using just ONE product for every single step. Also, my AM and PM routines are no different, minus the sunscreen at night. And that's that. I must say my skin benefits so much from the simplified routine!

Here goes my updated skincare routine for 2020:
  1. Cleanser - Kayman Beauty Coalface Soap
  2. Toner - Kayman Beauty Rosa Glow Treatment Essence
  3. Serum - Kayman Beauty Skintella Serum
  4. Moisturizer - Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel
  5. Sunscreen - Wardah Sun Care Sunscreen Gel
Not to mention the weekly exfoliating and masking, though. I am falling in love all over again with the SomeByMi Miracle Toner and as far as the mask goes, Dr Morita has got to be it. Homegirl gotta hydrate and #HydrationIsStillTheKey in 2020.

Stepping Up My Skincare Game in 2020

Paying more attention to ingredients

I have started this a while back actually but this year particularly I want to give more attention and be mindful of what I am putting on to my skin. Whether it is ascorbic or mandelic acid, retinol, I am going to be more aware of what suits my skin the best and pick products accordingly.

For instance, The Ordinary Niacinamide serum didn't work out for me which is weird because my skin loves any skincare product that has Niacinamide content. And let's not forget I am now ditching all of my skincare items that contain alcohol because I can see a tiny bit of irritation going on when I use any product that contains alcohol.

The 60-second rule

The cleansing method introduced by the global esthetician that we all love - Nai, of LaBeautyologist. I have tried this method since last year but I wasn't that committed though. In 2020, however, I am going to oblige myself to commit to this method AM and PM.

It is apparently game-changing. I can honestly say my skin texture looked a bit softer, a significant decrease in pimples and overall brighter. No, my skin hasn't transformed thoroughly but I definitely saw a difference. Don't really mind losing that 60 seconds of my life, though.

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What do you do differently in your skincare game this year?


  1. 2020, enter eye-cream. Not too late I hope *fingers-crossed*

    1. That's actually a great addition! I occasionally wear eye cream, though. Which eye cream are you using?

  2. As for me, I only stick with a few product and very basic skincare routine. Went through a very bad breakout and still recovering.
    I never had a proper skincare routine but mine would be cleanser and sunscreen. and sometimes moisturiser.
    It solely depends on what my skin needs each time. If it's to dry, I'll switch to something hydrating and vice versa.

    1. I've been that girl before where I have a meticulous skincare routine. Now as my skin age with me, a simplified routine is definitely the way to go

  3. for me it's anti aging! wrinkles started to show up *sigh

  4. I'm not sure what I will do differently this year. Probably trying to look for products that work wonder for my skin considering that I'm back in Malaysia.

    1. Welcome back! There will be lots of trial and errors throughout the process and I wish you all the best finding the perfect one xx