Hello, gorgeousness! I am back with another empties post. I hope this kinda post is still relevant and that there's somebody out there really does enjoy empties post. Anyway, today I am showing you all the products that I used up in October, November, and December of last year. So this is like an accumulated empties if you will. During these months I used up quite a bit of product. My goal for 2020 is to make use of my stockpile of products before I actually go out and purchase more.

  • Kayman Beauty CoalFace Soap | Major love! Repurchased and I have 3 in my stockpile and that speaks volume. That's how much I love it.
  • Simple Kind To Skin Soothing Facial Toner | It's a long time fav. A product that never causes me to breakout. It's hydrating enough to make me rebuy it again.
  • Hiruscar Gel | It's alright but not worth the price tag. I don't plan on repurchasing this. I have other alternatives.
  • Bio-Essence Hydra Tri-Action Aqua Moisturizing Gel | A great option of moisturizer for my oily skin gal out there. I am not sure if they still sell this or they have been repackaged because it's been a while since I've seen them on the shelf.
  • Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel | My tried and true. Repurchased so many times. I talked about how amazing it is on this post so please check it out if you haven't already.

  • Maybelline Super Cushion Flawless Matte Cushion | I've repurchased this several times but they are not pictured and I've also missed a couple of shots, so that's that. I have mixed feelings for this cushion foundation because I love the texture, how lightweight it is on the skin, it covers up a lot of my redness, it has SPF, but they need to work out on their color selection because it sucks. The product is awesome but the shade range is a no go.
  • Maybelline Superstay 24HR Full Coverage Foundation | MAJOR LOVE!!! I get compliments a lot about my base makeup from day to day and I think I owe it all to this foundation. I've also put it on several clients and they loved it! 
  • Silkygirl Magic BB All-In-One Powder Foundation | It's alright. Powder foundation like this is easy to use, it's great on the go, great for touch-ups. I don't plan on rebuying this one in particular because I want to try something else.
  • Silkygirl No-Sebum Mineral Powder | Not planning to repurchase but it's just an okay setting powder to set your liquid base but it 'breaks' or 'separates' on me a lot of the time. I don't do the baking thing with this powder but it still separates so I think that's kinda weird.

  • Revlon Dramatic Definition Mascara | Will not repurchase. At all. The SA said it holds curl beautifully for a long time but oh boy, not in my case. The formula is a lil bit heavy for my sparse lashes. If you have thin and sparse eyelashes, I don't recommend this at all.
  • Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser | Classic. Another long time fav. I have a backup of this in my stockpile. Safe and sound in the box. It's an awesome pore filling primer! I use it every day and honestly, my pores are not clogged of some sort but I could be wrong lol. Jokes aside, it works well on my skin and that's that.

  • IN2IT Colour Stix Matte in Rose | Not repurchasing. I typically love jumbo sticks but this, sadly, is too matte and drying and 'crusty' on my lips. I love their other jumbo sticks that have better formulation and texture.
  • Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink in Loyalist | I reviewed this on my blog a while back and finally finished it now. IT IS THE BEST! Touch up who? I don't know who that is. Once it's on your lips, it's on your lips the whole day. I am thinking of getting a different color though and if you've tried this, what color do you suggest?
  • Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Super Natural | A beaut! I am not much of a lip gloss kinda gal but this is really beautiful. It's glossy, it makes me think I have the juiciest, plumped lips in the world. I plan on repurchasing but not now.
  • IN2IT Gel Tint in Strawberry and Raspberry | Used to be a staple in my collection. It's actually amazing, perfect for on the go and not worry about messing up. Plan on rebuying it when Watsons does their 50% off sale. Hehe.
  • IN2IT Lip Poppin' Tint in Bang Bang and Kiss Me | Major love! These are the reason why I ditched my other lip tints. The formula/texture is almost whipped-like, the pigmentation is superb and the longevity blew my mind. However, it's a limited edition collection so I couldn't get a backup anymore. It's so sad to see them go. IN2IT, please bring them back!
  • Silkygirl Multi-Vitamin Lip Balm in Candy Pink | It's alright but not planning to repurchase.
  • Maybelline Powder Mattes in Touch of Nude and Toasted Brown | BEAUTIFUL. I have a backup of each one of them in my stockpile and I think they're my perfect nude shade.

Have you tried any of these products?