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Hello, gorgeousness! I haven't really sat down and write and having my own little time with my blog for a week or so. I was crazy busy. My last post was pre-scheduled and I do have a lot of posts in my draft that need some love and of course, editing but I just haven't got the time. I am pretty sure most of us that have a full-time job are struggling to write an update on their blog. But hey, here I am now.

I have come to realize that I collect sunset photos on my phone. I have managed to use my phone's camera to take these beautiful photos but sometimes it didn't do any justice but it's alright. This small collection that I have represents some of the most beautiful evenings that I encountered in my life. I always go over and have a look (or maybe two or three) of these snapshots before I go to bed.

*These images are raw (AKA taken by my crappy phone camera) if you're wondering. Enjoy the beauty of a sunset :)

Anyway, I tried the new Mie Sedaap Selection Korean Spicy Chicken Noodle just to see if it really is spicy like the infamous Samyang ramen and guess what? It is spicy. It was so spicy I cried and my eyes were bloodshot red. It's not quite like the Samyang ramen. If you have had Mie Sedaap noodle in your life before just imagine that and the Samyang ramen combined. It definitely has more flavor and tastier in my opinion. And I like the fact that it gives you the option to have it super spicy or toned-down spicy. I, of course, went for the super spicy because I have no self-control.

What have you guys been drinking these days? I have been drinking more boba tea, of course, if that doesn't ring any bell. I tried Gen.Z in my last Tea Time post and recently I could be seen walking around or just relaxing while sipping on my boba tea from Grand Papa. It's a bit cheaper than Gen.Z and carries just the same amount of menu as Gen.Z. The taste was quite good. I got their signature boba tea and I like it! It's sweet enough to make me go and have it again.

While I am still at it, I also tried a different drink from Gen.Z. Yes, more boba tea. RIP diet. On the flip side, I got their roasted milk tea with ruby pearl and it tasted just okay - won't buy that again. I think I need to take a break a little bit from drinking so much boba tea, don't you think?

That's all for today! Be seeing you xx

How's your day/ week doing, gorgeousness?