The Sunday Currently #8

The Sunday Currently #8

Very Irresistible Playboy by Lila Monroe. Currently on page 131 out of 212 so I am halfway there, kind of. It's a very enjoyable e-book so far. Hopefully, I can finish it by next week. If you're a fan of sassy, rom-com romances, and for the most part, Sophie Kinsella, you are going to enjoy this piece.

I am not writing or planning to write anything at this moment, other than this post because I have done 3 blog posts ahead a few days ago that are ready to be put up on the blog at any time. I know, right? Who is this girl?

to Ku Bersuara by Ernie Zakri. I have been listening to the one she sang at AJL34. It's mind-blowing! I didn't know she has such a powerful vocal that could blow me away. It's such a shame she didn't manage to win any award at all at AJL34. Apparently, the judges were either dumb or musically deaf. #JustMyTwoCents

About a lot of stuff. Oh! Next month I will be going on an exciting vacay and hopefully, I can capture everything and blog it here. Ahh, I can't wait!

Nada. I catch a cold this morning from waking up too early. 

...that whatever happens later will turn out just fine and I am grateful for it.

For my package to arrive at my doorstep by today or tomorrow morning. I honestly have no patience left.

A spaghetti-strap maxi dress that has lots of daisy flower prints on it. 

My life at this moment. It's all coming together and I hope it stays like this for a while <3

A turtleneck shirt. Where can I find one that is affordable and hijabi-friendly?

A new tempered glass for my messed-up Samsung phone. That phone honestly needs an upgrade or 'grooming', if you will. It's so messed up lol.

Sleepy because homegirl accidentally woke up early and it's Sunday? I need my beauty sleep.
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Have a great weekend, loves! <3

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