5 Things I Appreciate As A Blog Reader

5 Things I Appreciate As A Blog Reader

Hello, gorgeousness! I have come to believe that I am not easy to please. I am a picky and choosy blogger and reader. I do follow a lot of blogs but more often than not, I always go back to the ones that I really, really like and that's it. So today I am going to show you 5 things I look for in a blog and appreciate them as a blog reader myself.

About/ about me page

Let's start off with something that I do expect in every single blog that I encounter. It is always one of the first things I look for when I find new blogs. Just a brief summary of yourself preferably with a picture. A smashing 'about' or 'about me' page is definitely my speed. I really appreciate it if you could tell me about yourself and what your blog is about and all that jazz.


Your choice of font plays a big part, especially for your blog post. With thousands of options available, it can be overwhelming to choose fonts for your blog. Some of the body fonts that I really like are Montserrat, Playfair Display, Raleway, Karla (my current body font), and Cormorant. Also, the font size is equally as important as the font – 12px to 14px is good enough for me.

Blog design/ theme

I don't want to come across as critical, but I've noticed that many Malay bloggers are using free themes on their blogs. It's not about being judgmental, but for me personally, I tend to lean towards blogs that have invested a bit more in their design. I'm not suggesting you have to hire a professional, but if you could consider investing in a better theme, I think it could make a world of difference. First impressions matter, and using a free, somewhat outdated blog design might not leave the impact you're hoping for on your first-time visitors.

Check out shopgrabrielamelo, BerenicaDesigns, and UnderlineDesigns on Etsy and thank me later.

Your very own quality images

I do use stock photos on my blog (I'm even using it now) and that is something that I have mentioned quite a few times here. Stock photos are not new to me. I have been using it for ages. But y'know sometimes there's just something so true to life if you're using your own images and not having it edited too, too much. As you can see I take most of the photos in this blog myself using my own crappy phone camera but that's what I like. And when I find new blogs that are pretty much like mine, I'll be like: Where have you been? Why am I not following you already? 

A niche

I know, I know. This could be a controversial one (or might not) but I just like it when blogs have a niche. And when one is so confident in his/her niche, it blows my mind. Most Malay-written blogs don't have a specific niche and it's totally not a bad thing. You do you. Once again, I swear I am not hating on Malay bloggers. I am just so much more attracted by blogs that have niches. It looks very professional in my honest opinion. Especially if they stick to it. It could go a long way.

What do you look for in a blog? What do you appreciate the most as a blog reader? 


  1. I like reading "About Me" page as well and I usually would prefer to read blog with simple design.

    1. Glad we're on the same page! Simple PLUS responsive, that is it haha. I appreciate it v much though xx