5 Things I Appreciate as a Blog Reader

5 Things I Appreciate As A Blog Reader

Hello, gorgeousness! So, here's the deal—I've kinda figured out that pleasing me isn't a walk in the park. I'm a bit of a picky blogger and reader, you know? Don't even think about roping me in as a judge, seriously!

I do follow a bunch of blogs, but let's be real, I always find myself gravitating back to the ones I really dig. Anyways, today I'm gonna spill the beans on the 5 things that make me love a blog as a fellow reader.

About/ about me page

When I check out a new blog, one of the first things I love to see is a quick intro about the person behind it. A little summary of who you are, maybe with a photo – that's the good stuff for me. A cool 'about' or 'about me' page really catches my eye. So, if you don't mind, share a bit about yourself and what your blog is all about!


The font you pick can make a real difference in your blog post. There are tons of fonts out there, and it can be a bit much to decide which one to go for. Personally, I've got a soft spot for fonts like Montserrat, Playfair Display, Raleway, Karla (the one I'm using now), and Cormorant. Oh, and don't forget about the font size – keeping it between 12px and 14px works well for me. Just a little heads-up!

Blog design/ theme

I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I've noticed quite a few Malay bloggers using free themes on their blogs. No judgment here, but personally, I'm drawn to blogs that put a little more effort into their design. I'm not saying you need to hire a pro or anything, but maybe think about getting a better theme? It could really boost your blog's first impression. Just a thought – first impressions count, right? Using a free, kinda old-school design might not give your visitors the vibe you're going for.

Check out shopgrabrielamelo, BerenicaDesigns, and UnderlineDesigns on Etsy and thank me later.

Your very own quality images

I use stock photos on my blog (I'm using them right now), and I've mentioned that a bunch of times before. I've been into stock photos for ages. But you know, there's just something real about using your own pics without too much editing. Most of the photos on this blog? Yep, taken by me with my crappy phone camera. But that's my thing. When I discover new blogs that are pretty much like mine, I'm like: Where have you been? Why wasn't I following you already?

A niche

You know, I get it. This might stir up some talk (or maybe not), but there's something about blogs having their own thing that I really dig. When someone is super sure about their niche, it just blows my mind. I've noticed that most Malay blogs don't go for a specific niche, and that's cool too. You do you. Just to be clear, I'm not dissing Malay bloggers at all. I just find blogs with a niche SO much more appealing. It just feels professional, you know? Especially when they stick to it. I think that can take them a long way.

What do you look for in a blog? What do you appreciate the most as a blog reader? 


  1. I like reading "About Me" page as well and I usually would prefer to read blog with simple design.

    1. Glad we're on the same page! Simple PLUS responsive, that is it haha. I appreciate it v much though xx