Self-Isolation Tips | 10 Things To Do At Home

Self-Isolation Tips | 10 Things To Do At Home
Hello, gorgeousness! I hope you're safe and sound at home. I thought today I would give little tips just to ease the physical distancing. I am not an expert, though. I think now more than ever we do need help and maybe some tips on how to social distance a little bit better. Maybe there's someone out there that could appreciate this kind of post. It's going to be a mix of more lighthearted stuff and productive, I would say.

Having a routine

Just getting out of your PJs really helps. Separate that lazy mode and work mode even when you're at home. Make yourself a cup of coffee, or tea, or any type of beverage that you like. Having a routine at this trying time really gives you blocks of time to try something new. This brings me to my next point.

Try something new! 

  • Pick up a new hobby. Hobbies are really great now that we are spending a lot of time by ourselves.
  • Recreate Tik Tok recipes. I tried the viral dalgona coffee and it was so good that I made it twice.
  • Create a Tik Tok account and do a bunch of challenges there. Not the cringey ones, though.
  • Recreate your mom's best dishes! I tried to recreate my mom's signature chicken rice and it was alright. Mom's cook always wins.
  • Painting. It's so therapeutic.
  • Learn a new language. I know some people who picked up languages and slang just by watching dramas or movies. It's so cool. But if you really have the time, I know Youtube and the app called Duolingo may come in handy. 
  • Learn how to sew.
  • Try out a new makeup look. I gravitate towards a more cool-toned eye look these days. It's crazy 'cause I'm all about the warm tones. But I kind of like it. Maybe you should do the same! Tell me the outcomes in the comments.
  • Start a Youtube channel. Maybe it is your time to shine.
  • Bullet journalling!

Pamper yourself

Now is actually a good time to pamper yourself. Put on a face mask. Do your skincare routine religiously. This is the right time to stick to a routine. Just stick to it and watch your skin change for the better. It can kind of give you a way to brighten up your day, y'know.

Play some games

Install new games on your phone. I currently have Homescapes, Candy Crush Soda and the infamous installed on my phone. I love to play games as it makes me forget about certain things for a while and just kill the time.

Binge-watch Netflix or your favourite Youtuber!

I usually go for something light because obviously after a long day all I ever need is to chill. Chick flicks for the win! If I'm not on Netflix, I would probably be on Youtube binge-watching Tati, KathleenLights, Chloe Morello and the list could go on. Oh, and, it's almost embarrassing to share this but I love drama channels on Youtube! Guilty pleasure, I KNOW. It's not healthy to always catch up on the latest drama on Youtube but I just love Tea Spill and Angelika Oles so much it hurts. Who do you usually watch on Youtube?

Spring clean

I guess this is something a lot of people have been putting off but now that we all have free time why not spring clean? Am I right or am I right? Can we all agree to make Marie Kondo feel proud? I have been ditching a lot of my stuff that doesn't spark any joy no more such as my handbags. All they have been doing is collecting dust so it's time to let them go. They will forever be missed.


Get yourself sweaty. That's all. You want to stay active even if you're at home, literally. Staying at home shouldn't be a barrier for you to not get active. It shouldn't take long. Schedule that 15-30 minutes for your workout every day. Please watch Blogilates and Chloe Ting on Youtube as these two persons are my only go-to's!

Have yourself an at-home photoshoot

It doesn't mean you can't dress up if you're home. Put on your makeup to the full beat, put that cute dress on, wear your favourite hijab and take lots of selfies and feel good about yourself. I usually have this at-home photoshoot whenever I have a day off from work and my kid sister is always, always taking pictures for me. I don't know what would I do without her.

Have social interaction

We are human, we are social creatures, we're literally born to be social. Our life depends on us having social interactions. So talk to people online, watch movies together online, have that Netflix party with your friends and family, do FaceTime, do IG live, do whatever it is to have regular interaction with people. If you're quarantined with your family, that's superb but there are some people out there that might be by themselves. Reach out to them.

Pray and learn the meaning of the Quran

Use this time to get closer to God. I have always wanted to get into tafsir. I wanted to learn more about the meaning of the Quran and what we're reading. I just wanted to catch up on a few surahs that I have been meaning to learn deeper. Something about getting closer to God and learning about your religion makes me feel at ease and peaceful. Perhaps you guys should consider doing this too?

Honestly, you don't really need to listen to all my tips. It's okay if you don't want to be productive during this trying time. It's actually a privilege to just stay at home. I understand that not everyone is in the same position, some people have bigger houses, some are don't. Some people are so privileged, some not so much. But I really hope this post at least gives you a bit of an idea of what to do while you're at home.
Remember to always wash your hands, take a shower regularly especially after you have done grocery shopping (you don't want to risk it) and stay safe at home.


  1. Nice tips. Dalgona coffee memang sedap pun, it tastes expensive 🤣

    1. Not a fan of coffee, I lebih suka tea but dalgona serious sedap. Next time kalau nak minum coffee, buat dalgona je. Dah la simple je buat dia hehe xx