I've always loved makeup. As I was little, I'd secretly use my mom's, aunt's and grandma's makeup and get fascinated by the colors and effects. Rebel, I know. Out of all the products, I love lipstick the most. It still is. It feels magical when I wear it back then. I feel like it transforms my face into something else, something good. I feel better, with just lipstick. The way it enhances the face and features had something ethereal about it. I couldn't wait to grow up and be able to try and wear them all.

That moment came. And finally did try and wear them all and it felt so full-grown.

As I've gotten adult-er and wiser, hopefully, I'm still as much in love with makeup as ever. My passion and wonderment for the world of makeup and beauty is a hobby. It's something I love to find out more, watch numerous Youtube videos on and it's a maneuver that sparks so much joy in me.

I've blogged before a little bit of a tale of me and makeup but it was just on the surface. Now I feel like I've found a new appreciation for the art of makeup and how it can mean so many different things to different people. It varies from one to another.

So, what does makeup mean to me? I get asked all the time, why do I love makeup so much?

There's like no one answer to what does makeup means to me. However, for the longest time, makeup is always an enhancement to me. It's not always about covering blemishes but creating looks that can boost your confidence. I've always been pretty relaxed about wearing it, just as much as I've been about not wearing it. I've talked about this before. I'm not in any way, shape or form ashamed of my own skin. I just love makeup a little bit too much and I need it in my life.

"Makeup has the power to transform a face
and let the world know who you really are.
It's amazing."

Makeup is a form of self-expression, too. It allows me to visually express my mood and most of the time, personality. I love to create a makeup look that will come close to my heart and wear it several times and I will get so many questions about it. And that's another thing I love about makeup. When people bring up the topic, I will gladly share the knowledge I soaked from my own reading and observation. I get to share what I know about makeup and teach people new things everywhere I go. 

Makeup also lets me believe that I can make something extraordinary out of the usual. For instance, I can make my sad eyelashes super long and thick with just mascara. I can make my lips look fuller than it already is with a little bit of liner and lipstick.

One more thing with makeup is the playtime. I love putting on makeup. It's part of my everyday routine. Those minutes, turn into hours are so relaxing to me. It feels like I'm pampering myself + accompanied by Tati's video. Applying makeup is like giving ways for me to pamper myself at the beginning of every single day.

Not gonna lie, collecting makeup is one expensive hobby. But as a sucker for everything nice, I can't resist it. I love pretty packaging, I love lovely tones, I love gorgeous nude lipstick shades all in one row. Makeup is just pretty to look at. I love changing up my vanity to display all the nicest things I can find that involves makeup.

What about you? Why do you love makeup?