Hello, gorgeousness! Before anything else, I would like to say, Eid Mubarak to Muslims all around the world. It's a different kind of Eid but definitely meaningful to some. Stay in, stay safe, and don't forget to always wash your hands.

I haven't been on my blog that much. I haven't been active because I have been so busy. It's a seasonal thing where every Ramadhan and pre-Eid, retails got so busy and things went crazy. I had to throw a tantrum every few hours because a thing or two didn't go my way. I know it's not the best way to address things but I just wanted to thank my colleagues for putting up with me. ANYWAY, this is not why we're here today. We're here for my Vaseline lash update that I have been promising you guys in this post. So I'm just gonna put some photos first and we will talk later.

I know what you're thinking. There's not much of a difference, right? Right. But I'm the lab rats. I know what went down and from what I can see, my eyelashes did grow a little and become a bit thicker. Not much on the longer department but definitely thicker and stronger. Let's say before this I only have 10 lashes but now I have 30. 

Sure, there's no evidence that Vaseline can encourage eyelashes growth. There's a hormone-like substance that prompts our body to increase hair growth. Naturally. So I know for a fact that Vaseline won't elongate and thicken eyelashes. On that note, all I have been doing for this Vaseline eyelash growth diary is 1) never pluck my eyelashes if my eyes get itchy; 2) be super careful and gentle while removing my mascara, and 3) just let them grow. I guess from what I have done for this lashes journey, my lashes did grow naturally and for me not to pluck and just keep my hands out of my eyelashes made it more successful? 

I'm not so sure, you guys. But I have been loving this "new" eyelashes. When I coat them with mascara, ugh! The feels! I can't say much actually because it only took me over a month to do all of this. If it's longer than that, maybe we can come up with better results? So yeah. I personally don't think Vaseline played a big part in this eyelash growth journey. It's actually my actions that made my eyelashes grow.

If you ask me now, does Vaseline help eyelashes grow? I would personally say whilst Vaseline is great for many things, encouraging growth and the length in eyelashes is maybe not one of them. If you really want to grow your eyelashes with home remedies, you can try castor oil. Maybe that will be our next experiment. Who knows? One more thing, will I still be putting on Vaseline on my lashes? The answer is yes because I want to get rid of this current Vaseline I'm using. After all, it's so old already. 

That's all for today! Be seeing you xx

Have you tried this 'Vaseline lash' thing? What are your thoughts?