Hello, gorgeousness! I kind of went back and forth on whether I wanted to do this type of quarantine haul or not because I'm well aware of the current situation where everything is uncertain now and some people are struggling out there with no job etc. But I thought this would just be a fun little entertainment for you and of course, myself. Yes, our lives have changed but I think sometimes people just need to feel like life is a little bit more normal. We're gonna move past this. So yeah, I hope you find this entertaining even though most of them are like makeup stuff.

Things I Bought During Quarantine | Drugstore Edition

I have the Maybelline City Mini Palette in 5th Avenue Sunset | RM49.90. The formula of this eyeshadow palette is a bit dry but it blends like a dream. Honestly, if you swatch it on the back of your hand, you wouldn't be impressed but wait until you really put it on your eyelids. It's easy to blend, beginner-friendly, pigmented, and stays put for a long time. With that being said, I got the Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base | RM14.90. I usually use concealer as my base but I guess there's no harm trying out a different thing. So far, I'm loving this eyeshadow base. The texture resembles a very lightweight concealer but still manages to hide the veins on my eyelids and it intensifies every color I put on my lids. The last thing for the eyes, I have the IN2IT Sparkling Eyeshadow in Rose Gold | RM19.90. It's a liquid eyeshadow that dries down like an actual eyeshadow. I'm still waiting for my Pixy Fairy Lights liquid eyeshadows to arrive. I don't know why it's taking so long so I can't help myself and buy from the drugstore. To be honest, the color payoff is actually stunning, it's absolutely sparkly and pigmented. Surprisingly easy to use and doesn't crease at all!

Next up, I bought the Peripera Ink Airy Velvet in Hotspot Red | RM45. This is my first purchase from Peripera and I have never experienced a lip lacquer that is so freaking lightweight and so velvety! It feels like I put on nothing on my lips but the velvetiness is there. So comfortable and I want to buy a bunch of them in the future. Klavuu Nourishing Care Lip Sleeping Pack | RM47 has recently become my favorite lip care. I would say if you been wanting to try the infamous Laneige lip sleeping mask, give this one a try instead. It's cheaper, smells so good and it gives you the plumped lips effect every time. Laneige who?

Things I Bought During Quarantine | Drugstore Edition

I have two powders to talk about; first up is the Catrice Cosmetics Glow Illusion Loose Powder | RM37.40. If you're looking for a loose powder that's not flat matte and kind of gives you a glowy effect, you might want to try this one. It's absolutely beautiful and honestly giving me the healthy, glowy, radiant skin effect, y'know what I mean? On the flip side, I also recently tried a new loose powder from IN2IT. It's called the Blur & Matte Loose Powder | RM27.90. It is what the name suggests, blurring and matte. It's pore minimizing, really refined, and soft texture. Powders from IN2IT have been amazing and my previous loose powder from the same brand still is my favorite.

Onto skincare; a newer one to me was the MIACARE Derma Angel Acne Patch | RM11.20. I was a forever-consumer of the Watsons acne patch but I wanted to try from other brands this time. Thankfully I tried this one from MIACARE. It's actually the best and worked so well. It's so thin that people barely even realize I have an acne patch on. 

I also tried new micellar water. It's the L'oreal Micellar Water 3-in-1 Refreshing | RM35.60. Apparently amazing and one of the best alcohol-free micellar water at the drugstore. It removes my eye makeup in one swipe and I like it how it left my skin at the most comfortable state after removing my makeup. It also doesn't sting my eyes and doesn't break me out. Last but not least for the skincare portion of this haul, I bought the Dr. Morita Nanopeptide Whitening Essence Facial Mask | RM25.00. It's perfect for the current hot season in Malaysia. I have been exposed to the sun quite often because I'm working during this global pandemic as well so I thought this mask would be fitting for me. Dr. Morita facial masks never fail me and I absolutely love what they have put into their products in terms of ingredients. Amazing work. 

Do you manage to get anything online during the quarantine?