Hello, gorgeousness! If you don't already know this is pretty much an anti-haul kind of post. It's basically me telling you products I'm passing on and will not purchase. I find it really interesting in times like this, people were like buy, buy, buy, get this and get that. So it's actually good to sometimes say "I don't need this in my life", you know what I mean? Let's get into it because I think we're gonna be here for quite some time.

Anything from dUCk Cosmetics

I don't mean to criticize a local brand but I don't think dUCk Cosmetics are worth going crazy over. The prices didn't go hand in hand with the quality. I mean it's not bad but it's not crazy good either. I would rather spend my money on other brands at the drugstore or even Sephora. Speaking of Sephora, someone please tell me why is this brand deserves a spot at Sephora? I don't get it.

Stila Magnificent Metals Liquid Eyeshadow

There's no denying that I love glitters and sparkles over mattes. I've swatched these Stila Magnificent Metals countless times because they're so glittery and beautiful to look at. However, I find the glitter particles way too chunky for my liking. It's almost too harsh and overpowering? I don't know if I'm able to work with products like that. I prefer it in a softer and subtle form like the Pixi Fairy Lights. Plus the Pixi one is more affordable with more products than the Stila.

Colourpop So Juicy Plumping Lip Gloss

I'm not a lip gloss kinda girl but I do have several lip glosses in my makeup collection that I use pretty often. These lip glosses from Colourpop didn't float my boat at all. It looks like an 'Instagram makeup product' or I don't want to say gimmicky but it's somewhere around that corner.

Anything from dUCk scarves

I don't want to sound like a hater but I know some of you may think I already am. But I think it's so wrong to support a super huge modest fashion company like this one that at the end of the day ripping off other people's hard work. When your actions don't speak louder than your words, this happened. And to me, the quality never justifies the price of the scarves. I know I will get hate for saying these but at least I know I'm not the target market and I know for a fact I refuse to support a brand that apparently stealing other local designer's designs and campaign concepts.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Masks

I'm not going to buy anything from Laneige that says 'lip sleeping mask' on it. I know they're highly raved by so many people but I don't see myself purchasing a sort of lip care that gonna cost me 100+ ringgit but feel the same as my 50 ringgit lip mask from other skincare brands. That's insane. If you like it then okay continue to like it but I still won't be buying this, honey.

Tati Beauty Blendiful Makeup Applicator

I've been the biggest fan of Tati on YouTube for ages and I'm planning to get my hands on her beautiful eyeshadow palette because I know I'm gonna get so much uses out of that palette. However, her Blendiful makeup applicator is a bit gimmicky for me. I mean sure, it has fairly an innovative design but at the end of the day, it's just a sponge or puff. I watched a lot of reviews and in my opinion, the Blendiful works better if you're more used to using cream products. I'm such a powder type of girl so blending products on my face using the Blendiful every day is not something that I can see happening.

Are any of these on your anti-haul too? Or will you plan on snatching these up?