Hello, gorgeousness! I'm so excited for today's post as I recently and finally bought something from Makeup Revolution and I decided to try their super hyped eyeshadow palette — the Iconic Fever palette. I know how popular this brand is in the US but we don't have it here in Malaysia. As much as I don't like ordering makeup online (I prefer physical stores so I can swatch them), I just had to because I've been eyeing this palette for a long time. I know it's pretty identical to the Naked Heat palette by Urban Decay and Yes, Please! by Colourpop that I own myself, I just don't see any harm buying palettes that have similar color schemes. Anyway, let's jump into the review!

The shadows + swatches

Let's get straight into the shadows because I can't wait to talk about them and swatch them with you! The palette comes with 15 eyeshadows, with 10 matte shades and 5 shimmer shades in gorgeous neutral, warm, burnt tones. I've been really big on orange and burnt tones like this ever since I started using the Colourpop Yes, Please! Palette last year and this was certainly right up my alley. It's so versatile meaning you can create a completely natural look to super bold and glam with it. I like it!

As far as quality goes, I really like it. It's similar to typical affordable palettes like NYX and Maybelline except a little bit better, especially considering the price. The shades are perfect to use on a daily basis so I'll definitely use them a lot. The mattes, they're blendable and pigmented. To be honest, they don't take long to blend and the colors are easy to manipulate and intensify but they do have a lot of kickback. I honestly don't mind the kickback as long as the shades perform well.

The shimmers however are stunning. They're super creamy and pigmented. They shine nicely and reflect gorgeously when the light hits it but I should mention that shimmer shades are a bit tricky to work with. My advice is don't just use a brush but use your finger to get the shimmers to really pop. I honestly don't have anything bad to say about this palette. The shadows are great and they don't really crease or fade quickly either.


Makeup Revolution is inexpensive af, to begin with. But because of the currency, I cannot complain much. As far as I know, this palette is sold at 7 USD and I bought it for RM60 plus tax. You can do the math yourself, right? I ain't trying to elaborate that. Considering that this palette is RM20 less than the Colourpop Yes, Please! Palette and the quality are pretty much the same, this was a steal.

Final verdict

I would absolutely recommend this palette. It's a great affordable palette, so if you want to try a warm neutrals palette that would mostly be a hassle-free, this one can be it. The palette itself is so beautiful and a must-have even for a beginner.

Affordable and value for money
Creamy pigmented shades
Easy to blend

Lots of fallout
I honestly
can't think
of anything else


Now, for the fun part. I'm going to show you a few easy eye looks that you can create with this palette! 
Natural, everyday look

Bold, sultry look
Kudos to my little sister for being part of this review. And I think that would be all for today. I hope you all enjoy reading this and tell me what you think about the palette! If you'd like me to showcase more eye looks, let me know. Be seeing you xx