Ways To Touch Up Your Blog For a New Year

Ways To Touch Up Your Blog For a New Year

As the new year is getting closer, have you thought about your resolutions? Any new goals for your blog in mind? I've noticed you're constantly checking your blog stats to hit a certain number before the new year. But, hey, let's stop that for a moment. Instead, set aside some time to freshen up your blog. I've gathered a few ideas to help you elevate your blogging game and get it ready for the new year.

Ways to touch up your blog for the new year:

Give your blog a fresh new look

This is the right time to roll out an eye-catching design for your blog because a lot of theme designers on Etsy are having big sales, up to 60% off! The theme I am currently using by UnderlineDesigns is on sale where I initially bought it for RM99. Now you can get it for RM36 only. It's definitely a steal! If you're looking for premium themes to have your blog facelifted, Etsy is your best friend.

Theme designers on Etsy that are worth checking:

Find and fix broken links

Broken links are just bad for the search engines as well as the user experience. I track down a bunch of broken links and other technical errors on my blog every once a month. So if you have never done this, you need to do it to improve your blog performance before the new year begins. The internet has a lot of options when it comes to broken links checkers but I personally love ahrefs.com.

Update your 'About' page

Yes, it goes as simple as updating your 'About' page. I know some people love the story-telling type of 'About' page but if you're looking forward to working with brands, you have to make it a little bit more professional and sophisticated. Sure, you can add lots of quirks that you have but still have it look professional. Remember, one of the first places that brands or new users look is your 'About' page.

Delete any unnecessary widgets on your blog

Keep only the ones that help you and ditch those that don't benefit you at all (e.g. favourite blog list/ blogrolls, brand logos/ badges, etc.) Removing certain widgets on your blog is considered important because it diverts the viewers' attention to your content - where it is supposed to be. Deleting widgets and plugins will also speed up your blog, maximize the user experience and minimize security risks.

A new blog header/ logo!

If you love your current theme and decide to keep using it, a new blog header/ logo is definitely a great option! You can hire someone else to do that for you but it comes with a cost, of course. If you don't want to spend on a blog logo, you can easily create one on Canva. Having a new blog logo is like having a brand new hijab for me!

Fix your underperforming content

Contents that you have put up years ago that didn't go as planned. Well, by this point you have already learned so much, you know what is wrong and what to fix. Take this opportunity to visit your old content and fix the dynamics. Save it while you can. It could drive large traffic to your blog, you know.

What are your prompts to make your blog better than ever for a new year?


  1. These are some great ideas. I definitely need to go through and fix broken links if I have any! Thank you for these ideas xx


  2. Awesome tips. I recently found out about canva and love using it.


  3. Next year I'm going to put some budget aside and get my blog a new layout. It's a bit dated and meh at the moment. I do like simplicity as I think it's quite easy to navigate, but I also feel a freshen up is needed! xx


    1. Your blog looks smashing as ever! I can't wait for your next year's update xx

  4. What great tips! Thanks for the ideas

  5. These are some really great tips, I think I need to update my about page xx


  6. Great tips, I definitely need to refresh my blog. x

    Zoey | www.zoeyolivia.com

    1. Thank you! I think we all need it so that our blogs feel and look like brand new every time xx